Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Truth About does not have an account on We got banned a couple of times and after that we saw no point in trying to post there. The board has so many limitations and the level of maturity and intellectual development is extremely low. Here is an analysis of in a nutshell. is a place where teenagers with very little knowledge or experience regarding weight lifting go to educate themselves. However since the site has very strict policy regarding discussion of anabolic substances most people use code words such as "cell tech" when they are talking about synthetic hormone sand other medicaments abused by professional bodybuilders on daily basis.  

illustration by Pawel Kuczynski

Of course there are experienced lifters there but the majority of the forum is formed by young adults trying to improve their physique in order to please girls/boys and feel better about themselves. Since money in bodybuilding is coming from supplement sales (that's why every retired or active IFBB bodybuilder is trying to push a new "revolutionnary" supplement line) the real income for site like and T-Nation is generated by naive teenagers and their parents who do not know any better. However since the has millions of visitors every day it is really hard to control everybody and that's why every now and then a little bit of truth is able to pass through the strict control of the moderators but for the most part all you find there are cocky teenagers who have hard time spelling correctly. If you don't agree with them you will be politely asked to "try harder, phaggot". At the same time everybody is fighting for their "reps" without realizing that they are nothing more than junkies and the dealers are the supplement companies,, T-Nation,