Monday, December 9, 2013

Is Ulisses Williams Jr. Truly Natural ?

There are many people who prefer to be naive and believe that all you need to achieve the physique in the picture below is “good training and sound nutrition”. We don't blame the "ignorant" people out there since the majority of the fitness magazines actually have so little integrity that even bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman are presented as clean athletes or in other words competitors who don't use illegal drugs to enhance their muscular development. IronGangsta was one of those people – so I don't judge. There is a very easy way to determine if a certain physique is natural or not. You can use IronGangsta's guide: How to Spot a Fake Natural or simply compare the physique of the “victim” to the one of obvious and proven steroid user. According to the information on the Internet Ulisses Jr. has the following “body stats” :

Age: 35 ;
Height: 5’10″ – 178 cm ;
Weight: 210 lbs – 95 kg ;
BF – his body fat levels do not look more than 7% (if that) ;

Now let's do a little comparison between Mr. Ulisses Jr. and Mr. Serge Nubret.  

As you can see it turns out that today natural bodybuilders are bigger or just as big as former IFBB professionals and Mr. Olympia contenders who are also WELL KNOWN STEROID ABUSERS.

Imagine that two companies have fairly similar products competing in the same price range and class. Do you think a high end Ferrari with similar characteristics to a correspondent model from Lamborghini will cost 50% less ? No, way. You just don't make a quality Ferrari without lots of financial resources. You also don't get to have the physique of a professional bodybuilder from the Golden Era by eating clean and training hard. Now, you if spell the last few words "wrong:" “eat clen, tren hard” you may get a little closer.