Thursday, December 5, 2013

Natural Physiques - Here's How Gifted "Natural Bodybuilders" Actually Look Like

The following physiques are achievable naturally. However that does not mean that everybody can look like that naturally but you can get pretty close - without a doubt. It will take time and will hurt a little more than you think. Honestly, most people will be quite happy to look like the guys below. There are many who will say that the physiques we are about to present you look small but are you even close enough to judge them ? If you are bigger you are most likely not......

"We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality."

- Judy Garland 

Yordan Yovchev (former Olympic gymnast)

Winner !

Yes, his lower pecs are pretty well developed..(no homo).

Not that big with the shirt on !

The King

As you can see Jovchev is very lean and has underdeveloped legs because big lower body is actually a disadvantage in the sport of gymnastics since most of the strength moves are arm and shoulder girdle dominant. You do need explosive lower body to perform floor routines...etc but you don't need heavy/big legs. He is 164 cm/5.4 ft tall and his weight is 62 kg/136.6 lb. This is actually pretty heavy weight for similar height and is about 10lbs more than the guidelines outlined in the guide "How To Spot A Fake Natural" but he is not exactly contest ready and will need to lose about 6-7 pounds to get there. 

Keep in mind that Jordan Jovchev has been a professional athlete for decades and I doubt he is "as clean as they come" but he is definitely not an abuser. Also as you can see his body does not have that "steroid thickness" and he is not ultra "dry". So, in my opinion with training, diet and good genetics (sorry) you can get to look like that without steroids. 

Rock Climbers

Rock Climbers are also a good example of what can be achieved naturally in terms of size. Why ? Being bigger simply does no help in rock climbing and taking steroids for the sake of being big is not a good idea. Climbers may still be taking drugs for recovery and strength but bigger muscles also equal slower mountain climbing. Who would want that ?

This is Chris Sharma - one of the most popular rock climbers out there

Rock climbers are very lean and have strong forearms and back
while also spotting underdeveloped legs

Not as big as you would like but that's life or as they say it in France:
C'est la vie !
Chick are digging the rock climbing physique !

Soccer Players

Soccer players while not natural (they do take drugs) represent physiques that are achievable naturally.

Gay ?
Did you see that one coming ?

Pretty good physique when you think about it !

There you have it - physiques that don't require steroids. Life is not that bad after all ? Do you agree ?


  1. And this is why I juice, most of these physiques look like shit to me. Taking steroids is worth it.

    1. Well, it's your decision to make I just tell it how it is.

    2. "And this is why I juice, most of these physiques look like shit to me"

      And this type of thinking is the end result when you have people who think that drug bloated freaks are the epitome of fitness where too much of everything is still not enough.

      "Taking steroids is worth it"

      When you're young and think that you'll live forever and never get old it seems like a good idea. 20+ years from now (if you're even still alive) when your balls are non-existent and your health and body are totally wrecked due to years of drug abuse it might not seem like it was such a good idea after all.

    3. Listen fuckface, I'm not into fucking bodybuilding for fucking fitness or any of that bullshit. Even before I knew about natural limits I NEVER fucking did it for health. And for gods sakes no one dies solely by steroids, steroids are powerful and can POTENTIALLY be dangerous when abused. But there is no scientific evidence that they KILL, Most steroid related deaths are mostly due to either,
      Bunk gear, Rec drugs along with steroids, genetic defect, all of the above.

  2. Very good post Ithink you should make more of these posts so people get actually motivated to go on training hard. And I like to add that i know some people that are comoletly natural and look a little bit bigger than the gymnast. You can actually get pretty big compared to normal people. But you will never be comerly shredded and stuff

    Anyways thank you very much

  3. I expected to see this pic of Ivan Ivankov (also gymnast)


    at this pic he look very big and i know him from tv where he look alot bigger than these pics

    1. He was a professional athlete for decades so he is probably no stranger to some drugs but his physique is on the border of natural/not natural.

  5. I don't know why people take steroids - the drug free physique is preferable. It actually looks better. And genetically gifted individuals can get amazingly strong and pretty lean without steroids - e.g.:

    1. great pics all look natural and show the limit in my opionion

  6. george hackenschmidt a legend like eugene sandow i think that steroids destroyed the sport there are sure in the today era people like that but doesnt catch the right attention und respect because of steroids athlethes und lying natural bodybuilders im sorry for real naturals in every generation they have a very maskulin face and charisma what a legend this hackenschmidt guy

  7. Personally I'm a fan of the pre-1930's guys that we know weren't on steroids since they weren't invented yet.

    Monte Saldo:


    Otto Arco:

    Tony Sansone:

    and of course Sandow:

    Also the reality is that most women really don't find drug bloated modern bodybuilders or the excessively ripped fitness model look to be very attractive. However if you want to attract the attention of men (particularly gay men) then by all means go for it and you'll be beating them off with a stick every time you go to a club or the gym.

    1. Some people actually train for themselves and not for other people but ok.

  8. GREAT LINKS DOES SOMEONE KNOW SOME BOOKS OF THE PRE 1930 guys i would love to read something about their training eat and so on my favorite is george hackenschmidt REAL LEGENDS THESE GUYS ALL TOGETHER

    1. This website has a lot of old reprints, the Willoughby Master Method material is quite good as is the Peary Rader Iron Man stuff.

      They've also got some old material online here as well:

      The Tony Sansone "Progressive Home Physical Training" course is an earlier version of the Willoughby Master Method that I mentioned above.

  9. -- Yuri Van Gelder -- incredible what gymnastics can create! Eat your veggies and don't forget the 'roids!

  10. Late entry on my part, but as always... thanks and keep up the good work!

  11. Almost everybody who makes his sport professional is on juice.

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