Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Serge Nubret Was Not Natural

A few years before his death the legendary bodybuilder Serge Nubret, known also as the Black Panther, was on many popular training forums in order to promote his way of training and books. Of course a lot of kids were asking him if he was natural or not. His answer was always - yes. Of course this is not true and he has actually admitted drug usage in some magazines such as Musclemag where he said:

 "For the last twenty years I have been exercising for three or four hours, six days a week and the only questions I got asked is what drugs do I take?  Nobody showed an interest in my training habits, yet this is what built my body, not drugs!  I have taken drugs yes, but I obtained 20" arms first.  All the drugs did was harden me up slightly.  I attribute my success to hard, long regular workouts and a diet which consists mainly of fish, meat, eggs and salads.  Only after a contest will I be tempted to each [sic] a couple of plates of spaghetti...and then within a few days, I am back on my spartan diet."

It's funny how every bodybuilder out there feels offended when the drug issue is asked and everybody likes to shift the talk to training and nutrition. And since you are probably going to ask - no, he didn't obtain 20 inches arms naturally. He had very good genetics but he was not natural.  

You were probably reading his training routines - how he used to perform 30 sets per body part and eat pounds of horse meat everyday to achieve his physique. 

You are probably planning to do the same thing and finally reach the land of dream bodies ?

You are also thinking that there is a training method out there which will make you a muscle god like Serge Nubret ?

Well, think again.

Serge Nubret was on gear for most of his life. The fact that somebody would believe even for a second that this guy was natural and his muscles are due to only training and horse meat is simply amazing and should receive an award for naivete.

The best way to lose money, time and effort only to get frustrated is to believe the bullshit of professional bodybuilders.