Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 Reasons Why Office Jobs Suck

1. Your physical condition suffers

Let's face it - sitting in a chair, hitting the keyboard, reading...etc can be quite tiresome but you don't need to be in a decent shape to do it. Hell, you don't have to be in any shape in order to do it. Of course people may argue that this can be fixed by a little exercises in the gym but we all know that 12 hours sitting on your but is bigger than 1 hour in the gym.

2. Most office jobs are lame

Let's face it - most office jobs are lame. Yes, I know from my own experience. I honestly don't think anybody can be truly happy to sit at an office desk and be an accountant for example. We need to move. By moving I don't mean running around - I mean getting creative and explore different things.

3.  It's the same all the time

Around 99% of all office jobs are as repetitive as possible. You are always at the same place every single day. Same people around you, same computer, same boss, same neighborhood, the same bus, the same people on the bus... 

4. Waisting time

Let's face it - if you can do it in an office you can probably do it at home. Thanks Internet! Most people waist 2 hours in traveling to get to their job place just to do something they could've done at home on the computer and then have porn break. 

While I agree that meeting other people and not working in your underwear has great benefits my experience says that very few people actually make true friends at work. In other words - you can socialize somewhere else and get the same if not better results. 

5. The Office Can Make You a Pussy

I personally now that my office jobs have made me a bigger pussy. I know that. Why? For starters I hated nearly 100% of the jobs I ever had but the biggest problem was that they were making me feel girly, mom boy. Why? Because office jobs offer very little experience worth anything. It's not that I am against offices I just think that all jobs, even office ones, should include some kind of outdoor activity (events).....some kind of a flame instead of the same old boring shit.

6. Office jobs can cause depression

Working in a cubicle is sure as hell not quite healthy, especially regarding your mental state. You feel like a stupid rat worth nothing. It sucks. 

Working in an office may be considered a great thing from the outside world but as we all know - "Rich men cry too."