Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Truth About Genetics In Life

In this article I will focus on genetics - the greatest gift or life's worse punishment. Let's face it - genetics rule the world. Your sex, height, weight, eye color, face shape, bone structure, hair, heart, soul, character are all genetic. There are two types of genes - in my book.

Genetics A

Genetics A are the physical characteristics you are born with. For example - eye and hair color, sex, height, level of body hair, skin, speed, character (to some point) and many others. Genetics A cannot be changed. You cannot naturally for example change your skin or hair color. However Genetics A play a very important part in our life - they form the person we are. I can tell you this - if you are a brunette woman and you keep all you characteristics but change your hair to blonde and start life all over again, in other words become a kid again, you will have a different life. It is true. People will treat you differently, your life will be different - not necessarily better or worse but different. Genetics make us who we are - do you think Michael Jordan would be Michael Jordan if he was 5'4. No. That's simply another person.

Genetics B

Genetics B are just as important as genetics A and they include - race, country and home town, family, school...etc. All of this are genes. Nobody can choose their parents or the town where they are born. It just happens and it makes us who we are. Obviously if you are born in Los Angeles there is a much higher possibility that you will become a Hollywood celebrity than if you were born in North Korea for example. 

Genetics A and Genetics B have a tremendous impact on our life. To some point they even determine our future and destiny. Like I said imagine a 5'4 tall Michael Jordan - would he even bother to play basketball? If you keep all of this in mind you can see how small choices we have. Choice becomes an illusion or simply the end result of large event chain. Yes, we can change, lose weight blah blah blah but fundamentally we are the same person since the beginning and our heart, soul and character are formed by Genetics A and Genetics B.

I don't want to sound racist but those guys are less likely to become surfers compared to this little fella.

Genetics B at its best.