Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mark Rippetoe Banned Me After Asking Him About Steroids!

Yesterday I registered on Mark Rippetoe's forums in order to ask him what kind of steroids he used but he banned me without answering. Not a big surprise since he is a big douche bag and only cares about money coming from selling his massively overrated book - Starting Strength. Here's what Rippetoe once said in regards to his pupils:

So, Mr. Rippetoe has no problem spreading stupid false knowledge about gaining muscle mass and yet he refuses to talk about steroids?

I see no difference between him and the fake supplement companies.


All of them are liars.


  1. Agreed. Rippetoe is a complete douchebag. He is the Al Gore of fitness!

  2. I'm betting you (the original poster) are the kid who took 6 months to figure out 3500 calories was too much. It's worth noting that Rippetoe is not a nutritionist, he's a weightlifting coach, and he is very, very good at it. I tried starting strength and in 9 months I was squatting 300, benching 225, overhead pressing my bodyweight (150), etc. I'm very sorry it didn't work for you, but his program is based deeply in science and has been used in some form for a very long time, back to the earliest days of American weightlifters pulling very, very heavy weight off the ground. It works because progressively loaded linear programs work. Rip is fairly curt in the way he talks, but he's also honest and most importantly, he Knows His Shit when it comes to weightlifting. Calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate), add 200-300 calories, and follow the program to the letter. No machines, no extra shit, just do what Rip says and I will personally train you for the rest of your life if you don't see better results than you've gotten anywhere else. Stop badmouthing Rip because you thought it was a good idea to eat 3500 calories a day.