Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is GH15 From Telling The Truth About Naturals

I guess most of you are familiar with the legendary poster on GH15 or God of Hormones. He has posted a lot of information on the message boards regarding the usage of steroids, life and bodybuilding. Many people are wondering who is he? There are speculations that he was Nasser El Sonbaty, Dennis James, George Farah...etc. I don't know who he is and I don't give a singular fuck. The more important question in my opinion is: 

Is he telling the truth?

Personally I have never taken a single steroid pill/injection in my entire life and I cannot comment on his drug usage information. However everything else he says about natural bodybuilding is 90% true according to my experience. According to GH15 at contest condition a bodybuilder is usually 5'10 and 170lbs with good genetics. For every inch you add or remove 7 lbs. That means that a 6'2 guy would be around 200lbs in condition. However this is a physique of a person with great genetics and in contest condition - 5-7% BF, water depleted. According to me this is 100% true. You can try to bend fingers here and post pictures of this person or that person but if you truly know natural bodybuilding and have done it yourself you would know that the above statements are correct. However the fact that someone is 6'2 and 200lbs or 5'10 and 170lbs does not mean that the person has not taken some shit to get there. Like GH15 says - this is for guys with good genetics. This is one of the reasons why you see more naturals outside of bodybuilding than in bodybuilding. haha

A good example would be Manny Pacquiao. He is 5'6 tall and according to GH15 his bodyweight will be 170lbs - 4.7 = 170 - 28 = 142lbs. This is Manny's weight. Remember that light fighters come at a low BF and are also water depleted at weight-ins. In other words - contest condition. So, a natural bodybuilder with Manny's genetics would look something like this:

I guess this is not very impressive to many of you because the bodybuilding magazine and the supplementation companies want us to believe otherwise but this is about as big and lean you can get naturally with average genetics of a 5'6 Asian male. Pretty funny how a boxer who barely lifts heavy...if he lifts at all... has the body of a natural bodybuilder.

I know there are a lot of delusional jerks, especially on T-Nation's forum, who disagree but the truth about them is this: they are either 25% BF thinking they are 12% or used roids. It's that simple. Keep in mind this - steroid abusers will deny they use drugs forever. It makes them feel cheap.

Another statement of GH15 regarding naturals is that unless you are really underweight for your height (ex. 150lbs 6'1) you can only gain about 7lbs a year for a few years and then it's game over as far as muscular gains are concerned. Once again - spot on. Yes, I know the Rippetards are claiming "amazing" gains of 80lbs a year but they are morons who don't know the difference between 35% BF and 10% BF. They also like to justify their fatness by saying that fat makes them strong. Sure. 

So, in my opinion GH15's limits regarding natural bodybuilding are true. I don't know about the drugs but probably that part is true too. However I don't advise anyone to use illegal supplements - long term it will only hurt you.