Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rippetoe Does It Again

I just saw the newest article of Mark Rippetoe on T-Nation and couldn't resist to share my take on it. The article can be found here

Note: Don't buy T-Nation's supplements. 

According to Mark Rippetoe the main difference between a "true" trainer and a "fake" one is this: 

"he understands the difference between the primary exercises and the assistance exercises; they understand what they're used for and how they're programmed."

The whole article is written using the most annoying style on the planet earth a.k.a use so complicated terms that nobody understands until you repeat it five times. What Rippetoe is really saying in this article is this: focus on the basics and make sure you progress. That's it. No need to make people's heads hurt by writing 1500 words posts saying nothing.

The main reason Rippetoe recommends focusing on the basics is because that way you are going to buy his massively overrated book - Starting Strength. There is nothing wrong with doing assistance exercises and you can actually get super strong without ever doing the basic ones. Who is stronger, the guy who bench presses 300lbs or the guy that can do dips with 100lbs added weight? Who is stronger, the guy that can perform a pull-up with added 80lbs or the wannabe power cleaning 135lbs? Who is stronger, the guy who deadlifts 500lbs or the guy doing good morning with 225lbs?  

I am asking you, Rippetoe!

I absolutely hate Mark Rippetoe because he has done a lot of harm to many young lifters. It's all about money and he is no different than the companies he critisizes. Do you know how much money T-Nation pays for an article? USD 400. Yes, this is correct USD 400 for an article that can be written in a day. Why do I say that? Well, go on Ripptoe's forum and ask him what he thinks about T-Nation's supplements? He will tell you they suck and yet he does not reject receiving money for crappy articles. That's what I call being a greedy son of a bitch. 

I will never write for T-Nation unless they want me to publish an article about how much they suck and what kind of disrespectful scumbags they are. If they want to publish similar article I am all for it. Back to the subject.

Look, Mr. Rippetoe I know your PR team will sooner or later read this post. Listen to me carefully! You are not making people stronger. No. You are making people fatter. You are getting advantage of delusional lifters who believe Ronnie Coleman turned pro naturally. You are getting advantage of delusional morons who think 25% BF is the same as 5% BF. You became famous using Crossfit and now you are talking shit about it. You are fat.

Message to Starting Strength forum members - enjoy getting fat using the basic exercises.

Starting Strength - First Steps To 40% BF.