Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Direct Front Delt Work Is A Complete Waste Of Time

Have you ever seen somebody do front raises? 

They are ignorant people.

There is absolutely no need to ever do a single isolation exercisesfor your front delts unless you have specific injury that prevents you from performing the classic chest exercises such as bench press, incline press, push-ups, dips...etc. Why?

The front delt and the chest muscles always work together during chest exercises. Even flies. Chest muscles cannot be worked without front deltoid involvement. It's impossible. That's why the front deltoid usually gets overworked and if you add front raises or other type of direct shoulder exercises you are basically waisting energy, time and risk overtraining of the shoulder joint. 

Bro....but the big guy at the gym does them?

So, what? If the big guy in the gym is a phaggot and has gay sex would you do that as well.(Homosexuals should not answer this ueastion.) I am telling you that there is absolutely no need to perform direct delt work. Don't believe me? Look at this guy's shoulders. 
                                           Eugen Sandow

This is Eugen Sandow known for his overhead pressing strength and other physical achievements. 100% natural...haha...theses day you have to go back one century to find a natural bodybuilder. Notice the flat chest due to the insane amount of overhead pressing work. 

Not a single front raise was done that day.

Another problem with direct shoulder work is that it can be stressful on your elbows and forearms. In other words if your arms are really long and you are skinny the leverage may cause stress to the elbow joint and you may experience the unpleasant feeling called pain which may lead to a tear. Not very likely but possible if you use a lot of weight and don't know what you are doing.