Thursday, April 4, 2013

Be The Motivation

You probably think I am a big hater. Well, I am but not that big. When I was starting training and learning about dieting and healthy lifestyle in general I was constantly judging other people around me, especially my family for their food choices. That did not bring anything positive to the table. This is when I got the message - the only way to have influence on other people is to be an example. As Gandhi said it:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

This is 100% true and the fastest and most effective way to impact people around you is to improve. Success and improvement are attractive. You can't and you shouldn't expect other people to love what you love. You can't expect them to love training. The only thing you can do is show them an example of how your life was changed due to weightlifting or whatever. This is when the sexy part happens - everybody is asking questions and suddenly everybody gives a fuck about your advice.

In the iron world all this could become a little problematic because genetics and drugs are too important and not always the biggest guy is the one who knows the most. If someone is genetically very gifted obviously he/she will have a different opinion on the subject than a mediocre person who worked much harder to get even close to the level of the genetic freak.

I've never been supported by my family when it comes to training and I could not blame them. After my bulks I was too fat, after my cuts I was too skinny but at the same time all the people around me were jealous of one thing - I never gave up despite the fact that I sucked. That's one of the things I am somewhat proud about .

So the next time you see your wife, husband, sister, mother, brother, father...etc eat unhealthy make a simple remark but you should now that you can't be responsible for the decisions of other peole. After all if that was possible how would anybody buy something labeled this way: