Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is Dr. Dre On Steroids?

I remember when my grandmother bought me the Chronic 2001 on tape. My favorite song was The Next Episode and my grandmother liked it as well! Thank god she did not listen to Pause 4 Porno. Now, let's get serious.

Over the recent years Dr. Dre has been looking real big and massive and a lot of people have been wondering whether he uses anabolic steroids such as testosterone, anavar, trenbolone...etc in order achieve such extreme muscular development. The truth is that I don't know whether he is on steroids or not but if my life depended on it I would say he is juicing¹, no doubt about it.
Having a massive upper is a must when you pretend to be a bad motherfucker and a gangsta rapper!
Why? Dr. Dre can be Justin Bieber's grandfather and despite his age he looks much more muscular than his younger days. Getting that big at 45+ years of age while having an average body for years is very suspicious. The main reason for that is the fact that with age the levels of the male hormone testosterone decrease severely (More on this subject can be read here.)  

To me it's not a surprise that Dr. Dre decided to do 50 Cent's "workout". After all, he is super rich, old enough not to give a singular f* and has a lot of kids already (usage of anabolic steroids affects male fertility significantly). So, why not use a little steroids and/or growth hormone to get in shape and feel younger and sexier, especially when appearance tend to be very important in the world of show business?

The trainer of Dr.Dre is/was Stan Mcquay who is also an IFBB pro and obviously a steroid user since you cannot be a professional bodybuilder without injecting insane amounts of anabolic steroids as well as growth hormone and insulin in your body. No human can look like Ronnie Coleman without some help! 

Due to being extremely dependant on steroids most IFBB pros are notorious for not knowing how to train naturally. Just take a look at this article to see how the muscle Gods all people worship actually look like after they stop using drugs. With all that being said we don't know whether Stan Mcquay was the anabolic advisor of Dr. Dre but in all cases he does have the knowledge and the connections to make the muscle chemistry machine work as expected.