Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why Women Don't Care About Six Pack Abs

Having a set of six pack abs seems to be one of the ultimate goals for many males. There is nothing wrong with that and rocking a solid 6-pack is a positive characteristic in the eyes of many. However, do women really care about visible stomach muscles that much? My answer is:Yes! Unfortunately or not women seem to find other qualities much more important. Six packs are like tits for the boys - nice if you have them but not the end of the world if you don't. My general observation is that the representatives of the fair sex have become more materialistic than men and are making intense research in their quest to find financial and overall security in life.

"Vanity dies hard; in some obstinate cases it outlives the man."

-Robert Louis Stevenson 

Classic photo !
Reason 1: Six pack abs don't pay the bills, vacations, cars, college...etc.

More women are willing to make compromises with the looks and the physique of their partner. When it comes to his bank account size things change considerably. That's why you see so many young women with old and rich bastards.

   Love is so unexplainable. It comes right from the heart!

Reason 2: Some girls "find" six packs "scary".

A long time ago I had the pleasure to watch a movie with a girl and there was a man with visible abs in it. She told me she finds six pack abs disgusting. Later I showed her a picture of the same guy but without his six pack being visible. She said: "10 out of 10". Go figure! 
In some cases girls sacrifice tits for abs.

Reason 3: It's hard to be big and lean at the same time 

If you are 140lbs and 5'10 most people will see you as a skinny bastard even if you are 3% BF. It's very hard for the human body to maintain high level of LBM (lean body mass) at extreme level of leanness.