Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Most Overrated Training Equipement Of All Time

1.  The Pavelizer by Pavel Tsatouline

Pavel Tsatsouline likes to be known as a hardcore bad boy/motherfucker who is against all kinds of ultra marketed and useless piece of equipment but at the same time he has his own - the Pavelizer. According to him this device is the best out there when it comes to "isolating" your abs. Of course the truth is that the whole Dradondoor team knows what sells best - ABS. No need to buy the Pavelizer - there are 10000000 better ways to train your abs without much more equipment than your own body weight. Save your money and buy some flowers.

2. Total Gym 

Complete bullshit. You can just do - push-ups, pull-ups and body weight squats and get a better workout. Hell, you can probably scratch your genitalia and get a better workout. Sorry, Chuck, we will skip this one.

3. Thigh master

This is the most retarded workout device ever. It can be replaced by a melon or something else. It's cool to see where the career of Tony Horton started. I just watched this video two times and want to cut my head.

4. Shake Weight

Now we are getting from retarded to ultra retard high master mode. The shake weight is a perfect example of sexually suggesting marketing. The girl is holding shake weight like she just paused between double blow job. Her lipstick is very thick in order to make her mouth stand out. No, this is not my corrupted mind. This is the truth.

Of course the shake weight is complete garbage and you may just as well masturbate and get a better workout. For free.

5. Ab swing

Another garbage. A little less pointless than the shake dick device. You can get better ab workout with just a pull-up bar or some kind of body weight exercises like planks

Hell, you can get a better ab workout by not even working out your abs. 

Hell, you can probably get even a better workout by taking a shit than using the ab swing.

6. Toning shoes

OMG !!!! Toning shoes...what's next toning toilet paper for Kim Kardashian like butt? Like the previous gadgets this one is complete garbage and will only screw your feet while failing to give you toned anything. The only thing that crap tones is the bank account of the stupid bitch Kim Kardashian.

7. Dumbbell Utensils

Shit really hit the fan with that one. What the hell is this? Am I supposed to get big arms by using the dumbbell fork? 

Actually the idea behind this piece of genius was to force people to eat less by making the eating process harder. Well, guess what - you don't eat chips, Big Macs, Coca-cola...etc with forks. Get real motherfuckers !

8. Vibration platforms

Yes, it would be cool if you could just climb on the vibration platform and shake the four Big Macs you just ate. Of course it does not work that way. Get Real !

There are a lot of people out there looking to get to your pocket by selling useless piece of equipment. Remember when dad told you that the only way to avoid getting pregnant at 16 is to avoid sex completely? Same here. Don't buy any training equipment you see on TV unless you want to be a TV whore.