Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 Reasons To Quit Watching TV

Many have given up. They stay home and watch the TV screen, living on the earnings of their parents, cousins, bothers, or uncles, and only leave the house to go to the movies or to the nearest bar. "How're you making it?" on may ask, running into them along the block, or in the bar. "Oh, I'm TV-ing it"; with the saddest, sweetest, most shamefaced of smiles, and from a great distance. This distance one is compelled to respect; anyone who has traveled so far will not easily be dragged again into the world. There are further retreats, of course, than the TV screen or the bar. There are those who are simply sitting on their stoops, "stoned," animated for a moment only, and hideously, by the approach of someone who may lend them the money for a "fix." Or by the approach of someone from whom they can purchase it, one of the shrewd ones, on the way to prison or just coming out.”

 James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name

1. Annoying commercials and lack of freedom

I don't know about you but I prefer to be able to stop the movie I am watching and go get something to eat. Also annoying, long and brainwashing commercials are not very interesting to watch. I would rather skip them by watching movies on my computer.

2. Watching news is too stressfull

I hate watching news. Currently my job requires me to read Internet and newspaper news of all kinds and I am kinda sensitive on that subject. Reading about all the bad stuff that happened during the day can have only one result - negative mindset. In 99% of the cases the news on TV or everywhere else are just cruel. The worst thing however is that you cannot do much about it since you probably live 4500 miles away. My simple conclusion is that you can save yourself some torture and skip the news entirely. 

3. Save money

By throwing your TV out of the window (make sure there is nobody passing) you will save money from monthly fees. You can use them to upgrade your Internet connection. Also by not buying a TV you can afford a better PC monitor. We all know that PC owns TV any day.

4. Spend more time with your family

Let's face it - most people don't share as much these days. Everybody sits in front a computer or a TV and watches/reads some crap. Shut down and go talk to your kids, parents....your family.

5. Bad sound

Unless you have a quality system chances are your TV will have terrible sound. Like a can. It sucks.

6. Be happier

There was a study which showed that people are more happy when they are using their skills. Guess what - anybody can watch TV. Hell, even my cat watches sometimes. Not that my cat lacks skills. 

Watching TV is like turning the auto-pilot on. Turn off that motherfucker and go do something harder.

7. Be different

Everybody watches TV, everybody is a pussy, everybody is afraid to take action - why should we be everybody. I thought we were iron gangstas?