Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Workout For Wider Back

What makes a back wide? The lats, of course. Here is a workout that focuses on the latissimus dorsi and will make you a hurting unit for days. It hurts but it works. 

Chin-ups - 2 sets to failure; By failure I mean the point where you simply cannot do more reps with good form.

Lat-pulldown - 10 x 8-10 reps; 

The lattissimus dorsi contains even amount of fast and slow twitch fibers according to the nerds in the labs. This basically means that you need moderate amount of reps to make the sucker grow. That's why 8-10 reps per set are done. After 10 sets you would feel like a flying squirrel. Pumping rules. 

T-bar rows - 3 x 8-10


The workout is done three times a week. While this is a lot of work you are not very likely to over train unless you are a mountain climber of some sort. The lats are very tough muscle and can get a lot of beating. They are very hard to overtrain. Most likely the insertion points at the armpits will be sore but the soreness should go away after the first week. Stick to this routine for 6-8 weeks and limit your biceps work otherwise the elbows may complain. 

If the suckers do not report some growth you are either as big as you can be, you didn't eat enough, you have unrealistic expectations or simply this shit is not working for you.