Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back Workout Consisting Of Only Chin-ups

"When in doubt go back to basics."

What if I tell you that you can reach the maximum muscular potential of your back by only doing pull-ups? Would you believe me? Here's how to do it.

Start doing pull-ups. If you cannot do one follow this guide to get stronger. Then you are ready for the real deal.

Note: I highly recommend that you read my article on lat activation during pull-ups.

Day 1:  

Chin-ups - Do 30 reps total.

You can do 3x10; 2x15, 10x3 - just get 30 reps with good form and make sure your workout takes no more than 45 - 60 minutes.

Note: you can use rings if your elbows hurt but don't do regular pull-ups with palms facing you because the variation uses less biceps and you can't do as much reps. The key here is sick volume and chin-ups allow you to do more reps. 

Yes, you can do pull-ups instead but I recommend that you stick to ring pull-ups or chin-ups.

Day 2:  Rest

Day 3: Recovery day 

Do 3  sets to failure.

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Do 35 reps total

Day 6 & 7 Rest:

Each week you will add 10 reps to your total and will make sure that you keep the length of your workout the same. Do this for a few weeks until you reach 80-90 reps per workout. After that switch to a different workout or add weight to your pull-ups and start from 30 reps (but this time with weight) again.

Don't do any other exercises for your back except for lower back focused exercises such hyper extenions, Romanian deadlifts...etc.

The key to this workout is the volume. Make sure each workout takes closely the same time. You may also add a recovery week here and there where you perform at 80%. So, if your total reps for the week is 50 - you do something like 30 reps total.

I promise you - your back will be cooked.