Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dorian Yates On Steroids - Not Telling The Truth

This is a very recent video of Dorian Yates where he talks about steroids. Of course, he does not tell the truth. Here's the actual truth.

Side effects

When asked about the side effects of steroids Dorian just gives acne and a little aggression as an example. However the truth is that the biggest and the most problematic side effect caused by steroid abuse is that your own testosterone supplementation is shut down and you may have trouble having kids and on top of that you may need to continue using steroid forever just to look like a man. Obviously all of this is dependable and for example Ronnie Coleman has 8 children and some of them born later in his career. Does this mean that everyone is safe? Of course not. There is also possibility for liver and kidney damage. The side effects could be much more severe. Just look at Branch Warren - loss of hair and pre-mature aging. Who would want that? However in my opinion the biggest problem is addiction and all the trouble it comes with. 

If we remove steroids the champion is still the champion

This is not true for one very simple reason - not everybody has the same response to steroids. Some people just respond better and get bigger. Gear works for everyone but some people just get freakier. Also the fact that you are a good natural bodybuilder does not mean that your body can handle years of steroid abuse. Dorian Yates had average genetics and great response to drugs. Without them a lot of bodybuilders would blow him away in a natural competition.

The cycle in the magazine presented by Dorian is not real

The cycle presented by Dorian in the magazine he talks about is not real. The pros take much more steroids than they would like you to believe. Much more. Think grams. The cycle presented by Dorian in MD magazine would be enough to build only the lats of the "shadow." Well, if it was hist first cycle then I believe him.

People having kidney problems from Nurofen

It's funny how everybody likes to compare steroids to legal drugs. So what your kidneys can die from abuse of pain killers. Obviously abuse of any drug can cause problems. Does this make steroid harmless? Of course not. It's just a good excuse to say: "Hey, drinking a lot of water can kill you. So, steroids are good. It's all about the dosages." Right to a point but not 100% true.