Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 Exercises For Popeye Forearms

Forearms are one of those muscles that can never be too big. Here are 7 cool exercises you may try if you want to improve your forearms.

1. Farmer walks

This exercise is pretty straight forward - grab a pair of dumbbells or whatever and walk until your grip gives up. Repeat a few times.

2. Reverse barbell curl

This exercise works the wrists extensors and brachialis. You will have to use less weight compared to your regular biceps curl because the extensors are much weaker than the flexors.

3. Wrists Rotation In a Bucket Of Rice

You will need a bucket of rice or sand for this one. Here is video that explains the exercise and required set-up in details.

4. Towell pull-ups 

This exercise will murder your forearms and on top of that it's easier on the elbow compared to regular straight bar pull-ups because the wrist and elbow are in more natural alignment.

5. Barbell shrugs without straps

Perform regular shrugs without using straps or hook grip in order to make the forearms work harder.

6.  False grip holds

Use a false grip (wrist over the bar) and hang from a pull-up bar. This is murder on the wrist flexors. Hold as long as you can and remember to warm-up good before attemptin this exercise.

7.  Buy or better make a wrist roller and use it on regular basis