Friday, April 5, 2013

I Don't Want A Long Life

I don't want to live a long life. I don't want to see all people around me die. I don't want to be old enough to shit my underwear which is already dirty enough. Find me crazy?

To me the purpose of life is to live not to survive and when you get old as shit that's what happens - you simply try to survive each day. You feel like you have no purpose, no goal. That's boring to me. I want to move and do things and scratching my head all day and complaining about my pains is not a very attractive activity. 

That's why I never though of exercising as a way to increase the length pf my life simply because I don't care about how long I am going to live but mostly about how good. I train and exercise to feel better today, not to be 60 years old and brag about how I look like I am 59. That's not attractive to me. 
"The longest movie is not always the best or most interesting one."
Plan all you want how you are going to be super fit and strong in your late years but the truth is that by the time you get there you probably are not going to give a singular fuck about all those things. What matters is how we feel now, today, this month, this year. What will happen over the next 20 years is not important, right now. 

So, if you are one of those health mental cases who avoid doing "unhealthy" things all the time check your ingredients because you are most likely overdosing the one called "stupidity".