Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Charles Poliquin On Fish Oil

Here's an excerpt from a Charles Poliquin article:


The Top 5 Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass

1. Fish Oil

What? Fish oil? That is not cool, avant-garde, sexy, or exotic. Fish oil?

Yes. Fish oil. You cannot be anabolic without enough Omega 3s. For example, I was once training a first-round pick for the NFL. He put on 29 lbs of lean body mass in one month once I jacked his fish oil intake to 45 grams a day. If you want to put muscle on and lose fat, take at least 30 grams of fish oil a day.

Additional reasons for using fish oil include:

    * It reduces inflammation.
    * It improves insulin sensitivity: makes glucose and amino acids get better in your starved muscle cells.

Taking fish oil in a liquid form is the most economical way of doing it. But taking them every meal works best.  I always recommend a combination of liquid and capsules - Liquid for home meals, and capsules for away from home meals.


I wonder isn't that guy tired of stealing the lunch money of teenagers. I mean seriously. For the ignorant people here's the truth about this particular situation - FISH OIL SUCKS and you don't need 45 grams a day. Also you won't naturally gain 29lbs of lean body mass in one month EVEN on fucking hormones. Overdosing fish oil won't have any effect on your muscular development - NONE.

Why Poliquin recommends it?

It's simple Poliquin sells supplements and the more he sells the more money he makes. It's like selling drugs. He makes you believe you need buy more...he gets richer. It's that simple. Once again - you won't gain 29lbs of real muscle in one month even on steroids. 

I also want you to see the classic marketing trick in Poliquin's writing. He says his guy put 29lbs of muscle. He could've easily said 30lbs but he knows better. It's like the oldest price trick - everything ends at .99 to make you believe it costs less that it actually does. It's the same here. When someone reads 29lbs it sounds a lot less than 30lbs and the whole fairy tale sounds much more believable. It's a number game and he knows that well.

This how it works guys. Fairy tales are being sold and a lot of ignorant people go to Poliquin's website and buy his supplements because "some guy gained 29lbs of LBM in one month." 

Yeah right.