Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Lazar Angelov Natural ?

Lazar Angelov is the newest and the hottest Bulgarian sensation. "Shredded as hell, big and aesthetic". I have received many questions from people wanting to know whether he is "natural" or drug sponsored.

No, Lazar Angelov is not natural. He is no stranger to hormones, T3, clen, tren and whatever else people use to get shredded these days. Why?

To me it's obvious because I have been training for a very long time and I've seen it all. I know how a natural looks like. In general a natural would never be that ripped during the whole year unless having those ectomorph genetics which allow you to stay lean (5% BF) while eating 3 500 calories a day. However most naturals with those kind of genetics are usually very small in that condition presented by Lazar Angelov. Simply said - this guy has way too much mass at 4% BF and his genetics are average.

Here's how your Natural Angelov used to look like:

Do you recognize that guy? It's your bro Lazar at 10% BF. 

Want to look like Lazar? 5% BF, legit 18 inches arms, during the whole year? Well, get the fuck out of my blog since I don't sell or promote anabolic steroids.