Monday, February 3, 2014

11 Reasons Not To Buy MacBooks

1.By buying MacBooks you are supporting exploitation of Chinese children who work in the factories producing Apple equipment. Yes, by purchasing products produced in China you also support the workers but guess who gets most of your money – that guy listed on Wikipedia as one of the richest people on Earth. The rich get richer on the back of poor people. Unfortunately this is true for pretty much everything you buy.

2.MacBooks are overpriced and you can get a laptop with similar characteristics for less money and later take a girl on a very, very expensive date. Well, no wonder most Apple users are gay – they just can't afford to take a girl out.

3.Apple users are snobs and zombies. By buying products produced by Apple you immediately join the club.

4.MacOS X sucks. It's made for brainwashed and ignorant people. If you think Windows was stolen by Bill Gates you are right. He stole from Steve Jobs who stole it from XEROX. Yeah, suck it and go eat an apple. Stupid monkeys.

5.Having a MacBook does not make your dick grow larger.

6.Why would you buy a MacBook when you can steal one from the rich kid next door?

7.When Jesus was born there were no MacBooks. He was still the best. Be like him.

8.MacBooks can't rub your balls, yet.

9.Apple is like Nike – meant for stupid materialistic people who can't think for themselves.

10.The MacBook reminds you of Big Macs. Big Macs make you fat. Therefor, you get fat by buying a MacBook.

11.The software for MacBook is too expensive. That sucks. Therefor MacBook sucks.