Sunday, February 9, 2014

Supermarket Strategies - What They Don't Want You To Know

Every motherfucker out there wants your money. The human world is like a video game but the monsters attacking you are hidden and disguised. The best place to hide a monster is where nobody is expecting it to be. When you go outside of your home you are attacked by marketing strategies, false beliefs and fake bullshit in general. What you see is not what it is but what "the man" wants you to believe it is. It's all a video game that many people lose because they cannot see the enemies in the first place.

The Earth is one big fucking shopping Mall and the Third World Countries are the Santa's workers. They make, you buy. The winner is usually the one who sells the most useless products to the largest amount of brain dead morons. One of the ways to achieve that is through advertisement. While some of the advertisement is always visible there are many marketing tricks you are not even aware of.

When you go to the supermarket what do you see besides fat motherfuckers pushing carts full of poison such as Coca-cola and all kinds of stupid stuff you don't need? Do you see anything at all? Well, go on a super market tour with me. It's gonna be fun. I promise.

Supermarkets come in all shapes and forms but they all share one common characteristic - their scheme and product positioning is not left to chance. Not at all. The oldest trick is to place the vital goods such as cheese, meat, vegetables & fruits, milk...etc at the end of the store so that the visitors have to pass through all the poison FIRST. Posion is all the stuff you think will make you a Superman - Coca-cola, Kit-kat, sneakers, chocolate, doughnuts, candy bars, chips, lollipops, cakes, pies, skittles, kinder products and other nonsense. The idea is that when visitors enter the store they are usually hungry as hell and the hungrier you are the more you are likely to buy one of these. If this is the first time you realize all of that stay calm and say: "I've been fucked." Don't scream.

Another marketing trick hides in the fact that the pay desks and the usually unattractive cashiers are placed in such a position that you have to pass through the whole store in order to pay for your products. It would be pretty stupid to allow people who have already been caught in the net to get away fast. No!No! No! We have to milk you hard since you are already here. It's not going to be so easy to get away my friend.

What do you see when you are waiting to pay for your stuff at the pay desk? More shit. That's right there is more crap right in front of your eyes while you are waiting for the other fat motherfuckers, who have about about 80% junk, to move forward. The checkout aisle is meant to generate more impulse buys. That's why there are a bunch of candy bars, energy drinks, chewing gums, name it. 

You want that in your bloodstream, don't you. You want to feel that candy bar right there. But you are not even aware that you are buying it because the chick from the commercial is hot and subconsciously you want to buy her and not the sugar bomb. When you are depressed you do stupid things. And everybody is depressed when losing money. They know that. The man is well aware that customers are way more depressed at the exit of a supermarket than when they enter. That's why devil's little warriors are found at the exit as well.

Do you think it's a coincidence that cigarettes are sold only at the pay desk? It's not. Cigarettes are meant to calm you down and what better way to calm yourself down than to spend more money on poison?