Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who Are The Bad Guys?

Every single movie can be summarized in a few words - something gets fucked up and the good guy fixes it by fighting against the bad guys. But who are the bad guys? Who are they? Well, the bad guys are chosen by the creators of the movie. It could be anything they want - a squirrel, GodZilla, a mouse or simply a dick. Everything under the proper light could be seen as bad. Motherfuckers are taking advantage of that all the time and of course they are not doing it for your good.

Since forever Hollywood movies have been using Russians as the bad guys. Damn, in every film the bad characters are called Ivan, Igor, Dmitry or Boris and talk like they have smoked almost all the cigarettes in town. Damn. It gets boring. It's pretty obvious that all of this is due to the so called Cold War between the U.S. and Russia. I thought it ended a long time ago but just yesterday I watched a few minutes of the new Die Hard movie - the place where action happens is still Russia. Hollywood, aren't you tired? Well, I guess if it's not broken there is no need to fix it.

All of this brings me to the question what is “right” and “wrong”? What about war? Who decides who has a point and who doesn't? As the old saying goes: “Winners are not judged.” It seams that even today the end goal justifies the means. It was stupid back in the day and it is still stupid today. If my end goal is to fuck your mother does it justify the mean? Does it make me bad or good? I guess it makes me pretty bad in your eyes. Humans have a genetically built-in understanding of right and wrong but it can be manipulated through all kinds of way. Religion is a good example. After all there are billions out there who are convinced that by giving money to the pope they will go to heaven where there will be bitches with big tits all over the place and respectively males with huge cocks and biceps for the girls. Of course those heaven fuckers will not need Viagra because they are divine creatures who are famous for being sexual monsters. Well, sorry but you can't have it your way. No, bitches and sexual slaves in heaven. Look somewhere else for that kind of experience.

Everybody knows that Al Pacino movie – Scarface. Well, who was Scarface – a dumb fuck who was able to build a drug empire. Do you know what drugs are? Yet, there are people all over the world wearing T-shirts with the face of that jack-off. Nice to see that you are paying tribute to a drug kingpin. Mom should be really proud of you.

This only goes to illustrate my point that bad is what we want it to be. The idea of bad behaves a lot like water – shapeless. If for example I wanted Vitamin C to be bad I would achieve it through the following actions. First I would change its brand name from Vitamin C to its real name – L-ascorbic acid in order to force people to associate it with acid. Who the fuck likes acid? It fucked up Spider-man and Batman. You can not possibly like it. Second, I will make movies where teenagers get wasted by ingesting mass amounts of L-ascorbic acid. I will fucking make it look like ecstasy or something. Who would approve an acid that makes people crazy and damages the youth? My work will be done. Hollywood are you reading this? Waiting for e-mails. I will write the script in a week.

Don't get me wrong! I am not pro bad guys. There are truly a lot of bad guys out there. Problem is we've never seen the faces of those fuckers and even if we did we can't recognize them -they are smart and hide behind masks. But if you see them before me please make you sure they say "Hello!" to your little friend.