Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Secret – Stupid Book For Stupid People

Over the last few years people have been talking about the new book called The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne. Let me tell you something – this is a stupid book for stupid people. The main idea presented in this self-help piece of oversimplified verbal garbage is that you can have anything you want by just imagining it. Yes, you heard me correctly – the book tells people that they can have whatever they want by just imagining it and simply thinking about it. Well, this is impossible, at least in the reality most people live in.

Since forever morons have been trying to deny the obvious in the search for a shortcut. The success of this book proves the point that everybody wants something for nothing. No, you cannot have a Ferrari by just imagining it. No, you will not have a Ferrari by placing pictures of the car all over your house. No, you cannot have a parking space by just imagining it. No, you cannot have whatever you want by just wanting it. Maybe stuff like that is possible in other universes or planets but right here right now that does not work.

You have to understand something extremely important – documentary movies are quite often nothing more than a regular brainwashing Hollywood production. There is a script and actors hiding behind fake names and personalities. Yes, you are reading this correctly and there are many examples. The television series Man Vs. Wild is an obvious fake documentary but is generating millions of dollars. Of course there is a whole fucking crew of doctors and camera men behind Bear Grylls. Do you really think that they have let a man in the wilderness alone? No, it's a movie. Somebody has to records it. There is a whole crew involved. You see what they want you to see. Not reality. That's how millions are being made. The Secret is not an exception.

There are thousands of examples in the world that prove that wanting something is not enough. For example I may want to make this blog post but it would be impossible to do so without typing it on the computer. I may want to not be hungry but it would be impossible without buying food. There are millions of people in the world who suffer from all kinds of pains while some idiots are making millions by selling books telling other morons you attract everything in your life.

The law of attraction certainly exists but does not operate as literally as American consumers believe. When you focus on something – whatever that is – that's all you see in the world. For example, if you are single and want to have girlfriend/boyfriend you start noticing every happy couple out there. When you are sick you start to notice sick people. When you are a bodybuilding maniac you start examining the physiques of people around you. It's called selective attraction or a state of mind where you are focused on just one dot of the big picture. The so-called signs of the universe are actually made up in the human brain because in a context everything becomes a sign – it depends on how you look at things and how you read what you see. But most importantly it depends on your state of mind in that particular moment. Quite often we get mind fucked and read the signs wrong – we only see what we want to see – we don't see zoom out version.

The Secret movement is another prove why made up religion is so successful – there are people out there willing to believe anything as long it's somewhat easy to do. Go ahead place pictures of money all over the place – in your car, on your forehead, on the kitchen table, on your genitalia. The only things that's going to happen in the end is frustration.

Try this in order to see that the secret does not work. Get really fucking fat – something like 300lbs. Now, try to lose weight by just imaging that you look like a bodybuilder. It's never going to happen unless you start backing your plan with action. Thinking of something is just the beginning. It's the easiest part. Doing something is much more than thinking – it's doing.

So, the secrets idiots are welcome to shut the fuck up and put their oversimplified product made for dumb know where.