Thursday, February 20, 2014


We've been conditioned to accept as normal movies in which the main character, Chuck Norris for example, kills half the population of China with one finger. Films are meant to entertain, and the spectators just don't want to see smaller than life productions. Looking for realism in Hollywood films is like looking for money in the garbage container. On the other hand documentary films are supposed to be dedicated to education and facts. However, most of the popular documentaries presented by International TV channels have turned into a slightly more boring version of regular Hollywood movies.

A good example of fake documentary is Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. Let's see what we have here: a man in the “wild” who often has to drink his own urine in order to survive through all kinds of cataclysms. He is being filmed by a mysterious camera man who is supposedly living well while recording videos of people drinking their own piss. N-i-c-e! What the public is not allowed to see is the fact that there is a whole camera crew behind every show, a doctor and probably even a therapist who takes care of this fake Robinson Crusoe. The whole thing is no different than a reality show which is no different than a regular movie. The success of Man vs. Wild have been tremendous and I wouldn't be surprised if the used underwear of Bear Grylls sells for a few mills at a private auction. He is already selling books, knives, tomahawks, screwdrivers, nuts, nails, condoms for the wild..etc. for fifty times their stock value. Tell me more about how you learn about real life from documentaries! Please.

Documentaries are subject to corruption just like regular Hollywood drama because it's expected that they will educate people about how the world works. It happens from time to time but there are also scrips and real actors hired to re-create the scenes. This is how you put people in the “mood” to accept what they as real. For example, documentaries talking about near death experience will usually show emergency rooms, ER doctors, surgeries and what not to make the presented material more realistic and entertaining. Mystic music and voice effects will be used to dig even deeper into the human brain and manipulate the visual senses of the individual. If you remove all of the sorcery all that's left are interviews with people who may or may not be completely insane. At the same time what is presented as fact could also be misleading since nobody has the time to check whether the person talking is actually the one he pretends to be.

Suspicious “facts”, quotes used out of the context, actors, sound & visual effects, hidden symbols and misleading messages could be much more dangerous than a science-fiction Hollywood movie which does not claim to be real anyway. The directors and the sponsors count on people's general laziness, lack of education and marvelous ability to absorb stupid things. The official cover-up story is that everything is supposed to be made more professional so that the spectator can really feel the world that's presented on the screen. The manipulation is so powerful that if the man with money wanted to invent a new kind of animal species, they could do it with enough propaganda and distortion of the facts. Who will check if it's real? As always the problem comes down to the naivete of the general population.

Below are a few clips exposing Men in the Wild: