Sunday, February 9, 2014

Destroying God Money

People are unique animals. They say. We have developed brains. They say. We are the rulers of the animal kingdom. They say. We are smart. They say. Well, they lied to you. We are fucking dumb and I will prove it to you in my usual gangsta fashion.

If we are the rulers of the world, if we are so great that even lions obey to us, if we are so powerful that even nature fears us how come we serve a God made out of paper? How come we are slaves to a bunch of notes that ultimately mean nothing? How come we would kill and torture in the name of an illusion known as paper money? There is only one explanation – people are ignorant dumb fools who have given up on thinking for themselves and have surrendered to the system. Some don't like slavery but many do. Even dogs love their masters because of the food.

You go to the supermarket and at the pay desk they say: “God Money says you can't have food unless you do a small sacrifice in his name.”

You go to the hospital and say: “I am about to die.” The response is the same: “God Money says that you cannot have a chance to live unless you do a small sacrifice in his name.”

You ask a girl on a date and she says: “God Money says it's not free for you to ride.”

You ask your mother: “Mom, where can I find God Money? I have questions.” “In the bank.”, she says.

You go to the bank and ask: “I want to speak to God Money. I have some serious issues.” They answer: “In order to talk to God Money you need to make a small sacrifice in his name. Give us your house.” You give them your house and they allow you to speak to God Money for a little while. Not a lot, just until the winter comes. God Money does not like the winter and disappears when it gets rainy and snowy. Unfortunately, God Money needs a shelter during the winter and takes your house. You are left with nothing. You are on the street and have just one pair of clothes and you stink.

You ask a stranger: “Hey, can you help me find God Money. I lost him.” The strangers says: “Fuck you! You stink. Go to a shelter or a church, you piece of shit.”

You go to a church and you light a small candle. “That will be 20 cents. But if you suck the dick of the priest it's free.”, God Money says.

Logically, there are two ways out of this situation – you either suck the dick of the priest until the end of your life or you use the candle to set his dick on fire. I suggest that you choose the second option. Don't be scared by the fact that the dick of the priest will smell very bad when burning. Nothing is free on this Earth and neither is the destruction of God Money.