Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Accidents Are Not Made Out Of Randomness

“Baby, you were not an accident.”, say all mothers to their children while thinking: “You just came at the wrong time and definitely at the wrong place.” But what is the right time? Do we decide or it just happens? Train or a car?

Accidents are not made out of randomness and I am not afraid to say it, even though I am not a physicist. Everything that happens to us is a precise result of billions different processes we are not even aware of.

So, you were killed by a bear. Don't sweat it, brother! It could happen to anybody who sucks. But why did the bear ate you in the first place. You fucking stink! When was the last time you took a shower. Oh! I see. You were depressed because the girl you've never talked has chosen the guy who did talk to her. Makes sense. Can't blame her. But why did you stop taking care of yourself? Even broken hearts need to be cleaned. Don't you agree? Unluckily, the bear was so hungry that even your crazy smell was not enough to form an invisible shell and save you. But why was the bear hungry in the first place?

The bear was hungry because business corporations decided to take down the forest which now looks like a park from a Hollywood movie. How are you supposed to find fish in a bowl? That's why the bear was hungry – no food for mama. But why did those men decide to take the forest down and build a warehouse. What's in the warehouse?

The warehouse is a of course an underground lab producing all kinds of recreational drugs. Rumors are the quality is good. I don't know. I am not into drugs. Let's zoom out a little more! Who in this crazy world has authorized the construction of a warehouse & factory for drugs. Was it Pope Benedict XV? I don't think so. Most likely back in his day that stuff was legal. It was the drug kingpin who bought the judges and got out of jail after a quicky – 17 days instead of 17 years. What if I tell you that it does not end there?

How was the drug kingpin able to rise? Well, it all started when his step dad was elected for president. No joke! His father was a relatively good man. He only had 15 murders and 27 assaults to his name. A true personal best for a president candidate. However, his goal was much higher than that. He wanted the ultimate score - his name had to be part of history. Second place is the first loser, right? That's why he become a president. How do you that?

I don't know how you can become a president. It's not written in the books. I heard education is required but there are many living proofs showing that's not the case. I've also heard that intelligence was needed. After seconds of research I can confirm with certainty that this is another myth. The last thing that comes to mind is knowing the right people and be willing to do everything they want. My bet is on this one. Try it and report back future Mr. President.

Now you are wondering who are the right people. I've never met them personally. I doubt they've heard of me either. That will change but let's take it one step at a time. The figures in question are the same guys who prefer the world to be a boiler in hell. They also love games but are a little old fashioned and support real blood – all other games are a joke to them and computer seems complicated. The more blood there is, the better the game and the higher the profit. “Where is the police to stop them?”, you ask. I'll tell ya.

The police is here but it's not going to stop them. It's going to help them. It's going to protect their businesses and kill all protests. The mind game is so sophisticated that the people who serve and protect never seem to realize that they are quite often protecting the same people who are the reason children are using drugs and have the IQ levels of a honey badger. That's generous but let's see the glass as completely full, even though it's air.

How did those men get to be so powerful? To be honest I wasn't there when that happened either. Some say it was centuries ago. Most likely they are right but like I said I wasn't there and the same is true for the paid writers of conspiracy theories. Most of the poor bastards are so clueless and want us to believe some crazy stuff. Sorry to break your reality but we are not run by lizards or reptilians as they call them. Proof? If the lizard theory was right the world would have been a wonderful place because the people I am talking about make reptiles look like Santa Claus. One thing is certain – power is transmitted from generation to generation and the main principles of manipulation and deception are being used through the years. Not broken? No need for repairs? Remember: once a bear finds a honey factory it only shares it with other bears – insects are solely allow to work and die. Some fucking is also permitted since the amount of honey is proportioned to the number of working bees. Oh, we are back to the bear again but this is a different one. Or is it?