Saturday, February 1, 2014

4 Women That Look Great At 60+

As the famous scientist Albert Einstein has said - time is relative. For some it passes faster while for others it is a slower process. Today presents a list of women that look extremely well for their age - 60. 

Of course, there are many secrets to their looks such as plastic surgery, rich husbands, genetics, make-up and a lot of exercising. All of those are a factor in the game against time. Still, it's impressive to look like that when you are older than half a century.

1. Christie Brinkley

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2.Susan Lucci

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3.Liu Xiaoqing

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4. Annette Larkins (she is actually 70+)

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The secret?

2.Low level of stress
3.Plastic surgeries
5.Good photo editors
6.Good make-up artists