Thursday, February 13, 2014

Depression – personal matrix within the MATRIX

Your name is X? That's pretty cool, but what if I tell you that I just don't care? And what if you are not the person you think you are?

We all have labels – the manager, the cleaner, the serial killer, the terrorist, the programmer...but all of this really means nothing. That's just a way to identify oneself. It's all about order. Try that: delete your name – will that make you disappear? I am still able to see you, and the fact that you are now nameless didn't change much. I just got a free pass to call you “fatty”.

Labels are quite useful when you live in the MATRIX but mean truly nothing in the real world. That's scary, isn't it? You may be a banker in the human world, but nature defines you as just another creature, which has rented some time and space on the planet. The MATRIX is a man made reality and is ruled by unnatural laws. When you go to work, do you really know what's going on? You are a programmer, they told you, and nothing more. You work, smile & suck and go home when the boss says so. Some people are happy to live in Fakeland. They are either ignorant or the ones who created the illusion. Both are needed for the perfect crime – the murder of true reality.

Thinking in isolation is the biggest trap this world offers. Nothing makes sense by itself and to make a successful machinery all particles must function together. Success is not possible unless all little bubbles we occupy connect and form one big shield around the Earth. Our masters know very well that united thinking is the fear of every emperor. That's why they want us completely detached. Remember: a lion can only kill a zebra when it's abandoned by the herd. One by one, we drop.

Many people who work in factories never even get to see the finished product. They are kept in the dark and allowed only to work – no play. That's for rich people who have different blood – divine. It's a game we are all part of but the rules are known only to a few. Why would a peasant need the secret? How would that benefit the kings of Fakeland – the only place where slavery is freedom? We think that we think but we don't and we are all living according to a commonly accepted idea of reality, imposed on us by who knows who.

The world is suffering from global depression, because depression is just that – living in a box with no cracks to see the light. Sometimes the windows are taken out by the BIG BROTHER while in other cases we create a personal matrix within the MATRIX ourselves - illusion within the illusion. When you are depressed you just want to die. Money and other material temptations can only do so much and sometimes, regardless of quantities, they just can't save you from your fears. You can't start a fire when the tears are flowing like a river. But sooner or later summer comes back to turn water into air spreading the flames. You just have to wait long enough.

One-sided love is the second most popular reason people commit suicide. The first one is, of course, the two sided version. But what's the common theme that makes them both so deadly? Why can't people see that killing yourself is only good for the coroners. Love that makes you kill is not love – it's a crime, against your soul. To get out of depression you have to start digging an escape tunnel. It may take years but with persistent work you will eventually escape or maybe not, but what better thing do you have to do with your time anyway? Killing yourself? That's your idea of fun?

Once even a little light has entered the room the vision changes and all invisible ghosts go away, leaving you in the center, mouth half-open, feeling stupid that you believed in their existence. Soon it's all going to be just a bad memory. Do the effort and stick to the end and when it all comes back, as it always does, repeat the cycle - for as long as possible. Happy is overrated. Living is not or so we hope. {originally written for}