Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Hollywood Scam – Cosmo Girls Are Not As Pretty As You Think

I don't know how it was 100 years ago but in this day and age kids learn nothing in school. The fact that their parents are also stupid does not help the situation either. Education is supposed to give power through knowledge but it's just not happening for the most part. The system is producing just a bunch of obedient working drones without ability of critical thinking. Want a prove? Just look at any Hollywood or celebrity gossip magazine such as Cosmopolitan.

What you see on the cover is usually being presented as pure perfection. If it's a woman the tits are hard, the legs do not have cellulite and “fat” is just a three letter word in the dictionary. Here's how that is achieved: first you take a girl that is average or sometimes even below average. The minimum requirement to be on the cover is to have a head and to be willing to give one. Then editors hire professional photographers with background as magicians. Those guys take around 1 million pictures of the model under all kinds of different lightning. It's a well known fact among the Hollywood photographers that one in a million photos actually looks good.

Then the photos are given to the graphic designers who also must have background in magic. It's a common knowledge that it takes about a week of digital editing to come up with the final product. Of course it's only a week if you work 16 hours a day. Those tits ain't gonna edit themselves. Someone has to do it. After all the processing is complete the cover is presented to the editor in chief who should approve it. He is a dick and usually make you do everything one more time just to make himself feel important.

The whole idea about creating the perfect cover is to once again kill the self-esteem of the individual and make him/her feel insecure. The more insecure something makes you the higher the chances you are going to buy it. Women want to be those bitches and men want to be with those snitches. There is a toy for each child.

All that has led to the hegemony of Cosmo Women.

The Cosmo woman is an interesting social specimen. She spends an hour on her make-up alone and that's only if she is in a rush to go to the beauty salon. You gotta do what you gotta do to be a hot piece. The Cosmo girl almost never uses public transportation, there is often an alpha male willing to drive her around. However, once in a while she has to take the bus since alpha males also have to spend time with their real families from time to time or are simply exhausted from all the repetitive motions they've done yesterday. When the Cosmo girl is on the bus she tries to imagine that she is sent on a space mission and her objective is to study the behaviour of the aliens who live on the planet Earth or ordinary people as she refers to them in street language.

After all the analysis is made the Cosmo girl reports everything to her friends using the latest smart-phone model and of course Facebook and Twitter. Those are the secret channels used by every Cosmo girl with a little self-respect. She reports everything – smell, clothing, body fat levels, dialect...It all makes for a good laugh but everything ends fast since a true Cosmo girl only uses the bus for 2-3 stops. One more stop and you become a second tier Cosmo girl. And alpha males don't like second tier. They have reputation to protect.

It's all one big superficial lie and the public has been fed with it for decades. Neither Hollywood nor Cosmo girls are anything special. They are about as ugly as you are. Don't believe me? Just look at the picture below.

Reality and Illusion {from left to right}