Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Ways The Corrupt World Management Uses To Manipulate People

1.Focus on a state of survival

When your focus is constantly on how you are going to make it the next day, how you are going to earn enough money to buy the poison sold in supermarkets and how you are going to pay the mortgage you don't ask questions. There is no time for it. You have to work and the only question you ask is: how much will you pay me?

That's a dream come true for every master manipulator and there is no doubt in my mind that the men who rule the world are exactly that – puppet masters.

You think you are living in the real world when you are only thinking about making money? Well, think again because that Matrix is not the real world. It's what's been installed in people's brain as idea of a real world but it's not. Wake up Neo! You are the ONE. (NEO).

2.Keeping people uneducated

The world does not work the way most people think it does. But that's not a surprise since the general population believes there is also an invisible man in the sky keeping track of every move you do and remembering it. Damn, what a hard drive that one has.

Have you ever wondered why you never learn anything in school besides some dry facts that you forget soon after you graduate – it's because they don't want people to be able to think more than needed. It causes problems and since when rich men like problems? The only problems they like are the ones created by them.

3.Satisfaction of the customer

When your mouth is full of shit you don't ask questions. In other words when your needs are satisfied you don't ask questions and you love your government. You love it because it gives you what you think you need just like a drug addict thinks he is getting what he needs with the next dose. The corrupt world management is the dealer and we are the addicts.

4.Enjoying slavery

There are many people out there who are truly enjoying being kept in the Matrix. They don't want to get out of it. Never. It makes them feel save and takes all the responsibility away from them. They don't want to be responsible for their actions. They want to continue their lives as spoiled kids whose parents owe them the world on a silver platter. A slave that likes being a slave is the best there is. It does not get any better than that. You can't see the bars but they are there. Trust me my friend.

5.False interpretation of religions

Religion is the ultimate con known to this day. Billions of people have fallen for it. But in my opinion religion is not bad in itself. What is bad is how people interpret it or should I say how it has been interpreted for us. Truth be told, the corrupt world management interprets religion anyways it wants.

How come the church is so pure and good and claims to stand behind true human values when in fact it's one of the most perverted things on the planet world? How come they do nothing “like the bible says”? How come the church is so rich when the world is so poor? How can God be happy to see people suffering while his own crew is being covered in gold? {God is puking all over the church every single day.}