Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Cost Of A Diamond Part 2

Dear rich bastards,

Yeah, its me again. Yeah, I still think you are shit and I will remind you of that one more time. Here are a bunch of photos that illustrate what I was trying to tell you in my previous letter. I guess you are going to call your attorney now. Well, do whatever the fuck you want to do - there is no layer on Earth that can save you from your thoughts. Even diamonds can not buy you one. 

This is the price of a shiny diamond. You fucking thieves.

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Image via: www.amusingplanet.com


  1. are their any pictures of real diamond mines here or are you making a point that all diamonds are blood diamonds?

  2. "Real" diamond mines look like that.

  3. Unfortunately like the money sent to aid the people in Haiti, nothing will come from this.