Monday, February 10, 2014

Natural Law Vs. Unnatural Law

There are two kinds of laws on this planet – natural laws also known as principles and unnatural laws also known as lies. The difference between the two is very simple to understand unless you are a severe mental case. Don't worry - I am yet to find a person from this degree of stupidity and for decades I have been looking into an ignorant individual in the mirror every day, or at least the days when I respect myself enough to check my hair. {You have to be able to joke with yourself otherwise you are just another douche.}

Natural laws are laws that cannot be changed regardless of what living beings on this planet do. A good example is the good old gravity. The gravity has the same effect on everybody – from the serial killer to the Playboy model. You can't question it, you can't deny it and before all you cannot change it regardless of what you do. This is a principle – you don't fuck with principles because when you do they fuck you back and it's usually an experience you remember forever, if you are alive to tell the tale, of course. Natural laws know no mercy.

On the other hand there are also what we call unnatural laws. They are man made principles and therefor hold no value except in the made up world we live in. Nature does not respect the unnatural laws and considers them a joke. It's a like comparing a picture of a car to a real car. There is a world of difference.

Problem is, unnatural laws are often respected sometimes even more than natural laws and this happens to be the best way to produce Kamikazes. But why do we trust unnatural laws so much?

Because of fear.

The only laws that matter are the natural ones – all else is a charade, a man made game meant to make the world a living piece of Hell. It's succeeding, unfortunately.