Wednesday, February 19, 2014


People are animals, aren't we? But we are the special ones. We think. We understand and recognize past, present and future. Animals don't. They only live in the moment. Most don't even remember what they've done a few minutes ago. It's like an eternity to them and all they recognize is how they feel now.

Animals don't judge us for who we pretend to be but for what we do. They don't care if you are gay, lesbian, poor, ugly, stupid because you being that does not affect them in any way. Well, if you stink they will probably start to criticize you on that one but I am pretty sure they will still be open about it – the truth or nothing. Animals don't lie cause they can't.

People rule over animals because we can build exceptional machinery to kill them. Probably to this day nature is still regretting blessing us with those opposable thumbs, big brain and articulate speech. Those were meant to help us create, not destroy, but like a knife it goes both ways.

Unlike animals we know that 2 + 2 equals 4. We understand what's happening around us much better. All other creatures rely solely on instincts and care very little for how the rest works. Animals can be manipulated through various ways into doing anything. How else would an elephant agree to be part of a circus and be pushed around by some monkey? But don't start to think too highly of yourself because people can be manipulated just like animals. That's the dream of every dictator – ruling over animals.

The low IQ sitcoms like to joke about North Korea but first it's not funny, and second the fact that you don't live under obvious totalitarian regime does not mean that you are not mind controlled. Tell me more about that invisible man in the sky? How is he doing? Have you seen him lately? Did you pay your taxes? Tell me baby girl cause I need to know.

The dream of every dictator is people to be animals. The less questions we ask, the better. The happier we are with being slaves, the better. The dumber we are, the better for our masters. We, just like animals, are being controlled through food. If you don't work, you will starve, says the world government. Therefor we are trained to work. If you dare to fight against the institutions, you are sent to prison. Therefor we are trained to obey. The paradox is that, unlike animals, we are able to understand the problems and yet we don't act and continue to feed the system which was carefully designed by the oppressors. We behave like animals even thought we see as humans.

Animals are doing the best they can with what they have. We are geniuses who refuse to use their gift or simply use it for the wrong purposes, like a scientist working on military weapons. Animals may seem mentally inferior to us but at least they are living to their true potential. They are who they are and we are what they told us we are.

Unlike the passionate activists I don't think animals are better than us. At least not all of them. When people start talking about how pure and innocent animals are they are usually referring to the cute puppies, the pussycats, the little lions on pictures...What about the crocodiles, the komodo dragon, the piranha, the scorpion, the cobra snake..? Those animals are cruel and have absolutely no sympathy towards anything. As hard at it is we have to forgive them. If an alligator eats your grandmother what are you going to do? Kill all of them? Sue it? The only thing I would personally do is: see a free therapist (me) and write in my diary.

You can't judge animals – they are not quite conscious of their actions. Unfortunately, the same stays true for many people. According to scientists psychopaths who kill and torture have a damaged part of the brain and do not feel emotions like compassion. They can't feel sorry for their victims the same way we don't feel sorry for hitting the wall. But what about the smart guys? The military leaders? Are they all psychopaths with missing brain parts? Sadly, yes.

The world management is very smart: it never does its own dirty business. There are people like us willing to do it with a smile on the face. Why would anybody with a well working brain fight senseless wars? Where are our missing parts? Hollywood, we want our brains back! War offers no profit for the ordinary man. None. All military action is a strategically elaborated plan to re-share the riches of the world and re-enslave the herd.

The difference between humans and animals is that we are able to understand and theoretically make a choice. Unfortunately, due to the tragic events occurring for the last few thousands of years we have been trapped in a cruel meat grinder, where sometimes we are the product, and other times we press the button. Nothing will change while we are alive because the stone has gotten so big that even the ones who built it can't stop it. It will continue to roll towards the city and the little insects can't stop it. All that's left to be done is damage control.

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