Wednesday, February 5, 2014

20 Things People Forget About Celebrities

1.Celebrities are people and therefor they are born and die. In between they go to the toilet.

2.Celebrities get rich by taking little amounts of money from large amounts of people.

3.A lot of celebrities are in fact ugly as hell. The number is bigger than you think. Photoshop and make-up can only do so much. An ugly motherfucker will be an ugly motherfucker, no matter what.

4.Many celebrities are phonies. For example Rick Ross is a former correctional officer but decided to steal the identity of a real drug kingpin - “Freeway”Ricky Ross. Unfortunately, that fat piece of shit is all over the radio.

5.Most celebrities are not as rich as you think. They have a lot of debt and in case you don't know cocaine costs a lot. Somebody has to provide for the goods.

6.Celebrities actually have less sex than they want you to believe. No Joke.

7.To get to the top many celebrities have used ancient techniques such as sucking dicks of rich bastards. It works but you still have to find the right dick to suck. Those who find the right dick go forward.

8.Celebrities can't locate your country on the map.

9.Celebrities don't give a singular fuck about the small people who make them rich. In fact they look down on them and consider not worthy.

10. Being a celebrity does not guarantee you a happy life, just a noisy one.

11.Celebrities are brainwashed real hard. They believe that the whole world owes them something and they deserve to be the center of attention because it was God's will. Yeah, right and there was a frog rain yesterday. Try harder next time.

12.Many celebrities have truly small dicks and tits. Very, very small. Smaller that the dick of a lego toy.

13.Celebrities can't go to the local market without hiding their stupid faces.

14.In real life movie celebrities are much different than the characters they play.

15.Celebrities are selfish.

16.Celebrities want you to feel inferior and believe that your life is boring and pointless. They are wrong.

17.Most people have developed fetish for celebrities. They look at their nipples a lot. That needs to stop.

18.Celebrities download illegal music and videos. Probably more than you.

19.Celebrities masturbate in front of the mirror every day.

20.Celebrities are not Gods.