Monday, February 10, 2014

Lawyers – What They Don't Want You To Know ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

The minute you read something that you can't understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer. ” ― Will Rogers

Lawyers are dangerous motherfuckers. I mean truly motherfucking dangerous. They can kill you and make you pay for it. In fact, I am not sure whether to write this article or not. It's that fucked up. But, you know me,the same old “G” - never been afraid to tell it like it is, at least on the Internet. Gotta love my sense of humor.

They can sell us whatever they want but we know that laws are much simpler than they are made to be. Here's what Jeremy Lock wrote in his book The End Of All Evil {2006} regarding fake complexity:

Complexities are found in every aspect of our cultures, politics and economies. Every day people are introduced to new ideas, new spin, new views or a new symptom of our world. Many of these ideas are perversions of principle designed to engineer specific reactions from people.”

The above is true about all authorities in general – there is too much complexity. The main goal of a lawyer is to protect his clients at all costs – it does not matter whether he/she/them is/are guilty and there is a video recording showing that they did in fact killed all those innocent people. It does not matter. A lawyer is their to serve his clients and justice can wait and put something in its ass in the meantime since usually it's a very long wait.

Every single law out there can be twisted – no doubt about it. You can get sued for everything. Hell, you can even get sued for breathing if you do it too close to a rich person that does not like you. That's what they call assault of a rich motherfucker who can afford to fuck you up and then some until you are buried deep into the ground and pay interest on that.

Most companies use the following technique to exploit poor people and make them pay for stupid shit like occupying space in the universe. First, you receive a letter which is supposed to inform you that your ass is about to be sued unless you pay a very expensive fine. Even if you have a real chance to win in court most companies rely on the fact that people are not willing to give thousands of dollars to attorneys and prefer to simply pay the initial fine. It happens every single day of the year – big corporations milk the little men until the last drop. Where else do you think there billions are coming from – the piggy bank? Give me a break. It's from your pocket and if you are poor and don't have a pocket they are more than happy to take a piece of your leg put it in the oven and then share it like hyenas.

This is when most of you will jump and say – but what about the lawyers who protect innocent people? Well, where are they? There are hundreds of well known criminals walking down the street or driving in fancy cars while many unlucky individuals sometimes spend years in jail for crime they may have not even committed. The corrupt world management wants that chaos, that complexity. It wants people to be scared to death and walk around like chickens with no heads. Chickens without heads are so stupid that they don't even ask simple questions like: "Where is my head?".

Of course, there are lawyers who care about people and realize all of this. They are easy to recognize because they usually live in their cars and each from the garbage containers. Despite what brainwashing TV Series like Suits are trying to present most lawyers don't give a fuck about the little men and women. They want to drive their BMWs, fuck anorexic bitches like Kate Moss and and wear expensive clothes.

Justice? You have better chance finding it in the jungle.