Tuesday, February 4, 2014

People – Spoiled And Dumb

There are a lot of people who have absolutely no idea what is going on in this world. They believe that the U.S. and Western Europe are the saviors while all other countries are only stupid fuckers that are not even present on the map. Give people food and football and they forget everything. Create made-up concepts of God to make everybody feel special and all emotional hunger will be satisfied as well. Yeah, I am talking to you - the spoiled fucks who feel that life will end if the latest gadget is not in your pocket. Congratulations! You've been brain fucked by the system.

The "man" wants you not to think, the "man" wants you to be a dumb fuck because dumb fucks are easy to control. I know this is a difficult concept to understand. After all it's hard to explain to a fat person how hunger feels. Just doesn't work very well. In the end of the day people prefer to discuss nipple slips on TV more than anything else. That's why the human society has turned into a collection of zombies who just want things. Newer things, the newest things, the things that Steve Jobs would want you to have, the things that are supposed to make your life complete. That's what the "man" wants. They want you to continue to spin the wheel hoping that the new model will satisfy you. Well, it won't because a dildo can only do so much.

The recent death of Paul Walker who was an irresponsible Hollywood celebrity and general narcissistic dumb fuck is a perfect example of how stupid we are. Why should people give a fuck about Paul Walker's death? Who the fuck is Paul Walker for Christ's sake. What has he done besides driving cars beyond the speed limits. There are people dying from car accidents every single day of the year and yet it's Paul Walker the one who is special.

Just because you were born in a rich country it does not make special. It makes you lucky. Very lucky. You should not feel bad about it. You should be happy about it but at the same time you should not let yourself be just another mindless drone part of the system – part of the wheel. The world is sick and it's not going to heal itself by prayers – it needs us to be part of the process.

Fuck spoiled and dumb. Smart and rebellious is the new sexy.