Saturday, February 8, 2014

Phil Heath & The Materialistic World

Mr. Olympia Phil Heath is a materialistic little bitch who can't live without his baby toys. He is one of those people who basically have almost nothing to do with their time except brag about their material possessions.

He has the mentality of a five year old spoiled child: “Hey, look at me! I am awesome. Look at the new plastic crap daddy bought me.”

That's should not be a surprise in this world and age where people only see with their greed. You only see what you chose to see. And by the looks of it we choose to live in THE MATRIX. Here's a post made by Phil Heath on instagram.

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Just reading that first world post makes me angry and it's not because I don't like buying things. The problem is in the mentality revealed by that soulless statement made by Mr. Phil Heat. Here are few points to think about, you little-insecure-steroid-materialistic-man-whore:

1.A shoe like that costs USD 5 to make. Exactly! 5 bucks. Do you know why? Because the salary of the people working in Nike's sweatshops is USD 1 per day.{one dollar a day}. If that doesn't make you feel like a piece of shit alone, Phil, you have mental issues.

2.Why is it so important to brag about a stupid shoe and even upload a picture of it online for your mentally challenged followers to see? The world is becoming a living hell but who cares I have a new shoe. 

3.The comments left by the moronic fans of Mr. Phil Heath reveal how little some people understand and how happy they are to be slaves living in the Matrix. You are going to stay there for a long, long time. But I bet you like it because your mommy said you are special. Well, she lied. You are an ordinary first world bitch.

Fuck you Phil Heat. It's sad to see that your heart is about as phony as your muscles. But it's not your fault - after all you were made in Fakeland, just like the rest of them.