Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street – Stupid Movie For Stupid People

If you like this movie you are probably a dumb fuck. Scratch that. If you like this movie you are most definitely a dumb fuck. But you like being one, don't you? You want to be one of those low grade creatures who make the money and screw everybody else. You want that lifestyle. You want to be the wolf killing the sheep. You want to be a B-A-D motherfucker slicing throats, don't ya?

The system not only knows that's you want it – the system wants you to want it. It's like a trick where the magician hides a coin in one hand and you have to guess where the coin is. What you don't know is that there are two coins in each hand and when you make your choice the coin in that hand is hidden while the coin in other one is shown. You are destined to lose since the beginning. Control at its best, motherfuckers! They tell you what you want and then give it to you {hard} while leaving you with the idea that you've made a conscious choice. You didn't.

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It's not a surprise that many wannabes would appreciate a movie where the main character spends a whole lot of time fucking whores. It's the porn addict in you talking. He wants more and no matter how many seasons of “How I Fucked Your Mother Real Hard” you've watched there is always an option for additional brain damage to be done. Those brain cells are really persistent little fuckers and they just can't die. They should be killed as soon as possible and this is why little kids should be watching movies like The Wolf Of Wall Street since the age of three. No, that's too late. Kids should be watching movies like that while they are in the belly of their mother. No, that's still too late. Kids should be watching movies like that when they are nothing more than a drop of sperm about to hit the jackpot. It's still not optimal but it's a good starting point and your kid will still have a chance to go to another stupid college in order to be deprived of critical thinking. You should be proud of your child's accomplishment. The work was well worth it. Another brain dead brick was produced.

The Wolf Of Wall Street maybe be based on a “true” story but we all know how everything we are told is supposed to be t-r-u-e and yet nothing is. The movie presents life like an ad – the surface is shiny and the models on the front covers are attractive but the heart is evil. They not only want to steal your soul – they want you to pay them while they are taking it away. That's what happens when you buy tickets for stupid movies like this one. Damn, now that I think about it they've been doing this to me too. And they promised not too. My mother was right – never listen to women that speak with their tits. The delivery always disappoints in the long run.

Since you are probably wondering I will tell you. You are not a wolf. The wolves cannot be seen – they are smart and hide in sheep's clothes. While we are paying billions to watch low grade productions like the Wolf Of Wall Street they are laughing while ruling over the world. Do you still like it? I bet you do.