Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The pro-dumb propaganda in music

There are two types of famous singers. The first one is formed by singers who have rich men behind them and the second one is formed by those who have even richer men squeezing their asses and smiling. Celebrities are miserable creatures, almost completely eaten by the matrix, who are presented as an epitome of perfection and yet, all they do is sell themselves, those who don't are either killed or “censored”. Only insane people can continue to live in an insane world and keep on swallowing the sea fakeness like a dose of medicine.

The success of soulless individuals is a living proof that the selection process in the show business can be described with a word rhyming with kitty. The micro chips blurring our perception are working, as expected. After all they were ingeniously installed in our brains even before we were born – thanks to mom and dad – and continue to be handed down from generation to generation. With each upgrade the chips get smarter while we get dumber and therefor our idea of good music gets even more ridiculous. It won't be long before we start bowing to singers who sound like cats in heat. Maybe that happened already...I don't know... the last popular album I bought was produced in 1999 and to be honest it wasn't that good.

Image via Wiki
Without a doubt the reason for the weak production is the power of music. Music is like a hammer – it can be used to build your emotional temple but it can also be used the destroy it. It depends on the frequency, so to speak. Rich men know that. They may be many things but good and stupid ain't two of them. They know how to control a society just like a doctor knows where it hurts the most. They like to apply pressure on that spot. By pressure I mean something as heavy as a dinosaur. Maybe sometimes even more – a pregnant dinosaur. Once the puppets are tuned to the right frequency the remote control starts working. Move to the left! Move to the right! 1, 2, 3 – clap your hands ! Everybody! Smack my bitch up!

To most people critical thinking is a complicated term. When you start talking about it they look at you like you've said there are UFOs fucking each other outside. A true understatement because if you start talking about UFO sex people will ask more questions in expectation to get some tips they may use in the bedroom. What do you need critical thinking for? You take a tape measure and you measure it – it's between 0.2 and 2,1(3) inches. No, need for emotional thinking – simple math will do the trick.

Mentally challenged individuals like Miley Cyrus are blinded by their inability to see the light and the truth. It's the hardest to see through green, not black. Singers are being used as faces of the pro-dumb propaganda. Individual thinking is not considered a virtue. Unless you jump with the crowd and dance with Molly you are a stranger from the planet Nerdius and you are not worth any attention.

There is only one way out of this mess and the good news is that it's simple and does not cost money – throw your TV out of the window, preferably when Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus is passing. It they are on a date consider it your lucky day. {originally posted on brusi-music.com}