Saturday, February 8, 2014

Coke or Pepsi – Is This The Only Choice We Have?

If you are a spoiled rich motherfucker you probably still believe in Santa Claus. You probably also believe in your government and religion. You probably think that smart people out there are working for the good of this planet and all you have to do is live an irresponsible life – just like Zyzz. Don't care about anything – just party hard, flex your muscle in front of the mirror and hope that somebody will take care of everything, just like he took care of your smart-phone.

People are programmed by “the man”. It does not matter where you are born – in the center of London or in Bangladesh. In the end of the day we are all just puppets with no choice. You think voting matters? You think it changes anything? Maybe it has small changes on local level but ultimately it changes nothing because the only thing that happens is substitution.

Not real change. At the same time the world around us is built like a big fucking shop in order to create the idea that we have choice. But what choice do we have? Well, you can choose what you are going to buy – Coke or Pepsi. You can also choose which hand will knock you out – the left or the right one.

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We talk about trivial things everyday while letting the important thing slip through our hands. Don't get me wrong – talking about trivial things is not bad by itself. Not at all. It's funny and laughing is a good emotion. It's like magic. The problem arises when we think like superficial puppets. When the superficial becomes the heart true problems occur. Laugh as much as you want while watching memes and other Internet jokes but don't think that it's your life purpose or something. It's not and neighter is anything the TV channel wants you to believe.

So, when they ask Coke or Pepsi? answers – Fuck you! We need water!