Monday, February 17, 2014

The College Scam: What They Don't Want You To Know

What is education? Different dictionaries and people will give different answers to this question but the truth is that eduction is business before everything else.

Education in elite colleges is very expensive and requires a lot of time and money which by definition is true for almost everything worth having in this 3D & material world. However, does the price match the value?

Unless you come from money you will have to take the so called student loan in order to be able to pay for your higher education. This is problematic mainly for the U.S. because this is the country where tuition is very high – thousands of dollars. This is a big problem for most students because having a huge loan to pay is not a joke. You can't hide and they are more that willing to take your money. In fact, it's a huge burden and many are starting to wake up and ask themselves – why don't we invest in something more profitable? Good question – think about it!

Because of the high tuition many people from poor countries usually are forced to choose colleges with low or no fees. The lack of fees seems nice, right? There is still a trap. When poor students from small countries decide to study abroad there are two big underwater stones nobody seems to see. The first one is that rich countries are taking away the working force and brains of the smaller ones. The students will also spend the money of their parents in foreign countries whose economies will benefit tremendously. Second, people from poor countries are usually paid less which means that the high class will make a killing by saving money from salaries and health plans. Of course, the more emigrants there are the more the middle class of the shelter country suffers because competition increases and its really hard to fight against cheap working force. The rich don't care. All they care about is getting even richer and more powerful while everybody from beneath suffers.

Another big problem with higher education is that in many places it's just bad. The books, the ideas, the teachers, everything is just outdated and the things you learn have no application in real life. To tell the truth the educational system does not care because more students equal more money. Fuck the kids, they think.

Unless your major is a classic: medicine, law, architecture...chances are you can learn faster and more efficiently at home and save a lot of money thanks to free online material. This does not mean, however, that online colleges are worth something. They aren't. It's an even bigger scam where you lose a lot of money just to have a piece of paper which later in life will most certainly have very little value. In this day and age the only thing that matters is what you can do and who you know. Skills and connections. Paper diplomas have no value. And that's the way it should be. No parent will tell his kid any of the above but I am not your mother.

This does not mean that there aren't good sides to higher education. One of the positives is that you meet people with similar interests and you build connections and a friend circle. It's really hard to find friends these days. It's always been. When you get out of the system it gets even harder but does this mean that you should pay so much money just to socialize and drink beer? I will leave that choice to you.

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Do you know those 1 dollar cell phones that also come with a contract? Education is very similar – they give you a cheap phone but it's the contract where the trap is hidden. Nobody will ever give you something for nothing. The goal of everybody out there is actually the opposite – to take something from you and give you nothing in return. Education and especially the higher one does not make an exception. It's been built so deep into our brains that one must have a diploma but like all else it's just part of THE MATRIX or the fake social world created through manipulation and mind control.

It's an evil illusion.