Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monopolism – Big Brother Is Loving It { @(^_^)@ }

I love it when famous people on TV start talking about “choice”. It's their favorite word. Choice! Choice! Choice! Please, enlighten me! What choices are you talking about? The only choice I see is the choice to be a slave or a servant. How do you like that, motherfucker?

When you enter one of those big stores for computers and other nerdy objects you feel like a hacker who has just discovered porn. There are all kinds of gadgets you would like to touch and feel. Oh, boy! Isn't it wonderful? There is a toy for everybody. They make them in all shapes and forms – bulky, pointy, thin, thick, relief, greasy, sticky, shitty...Whatever you want, they have, unless of course you live in Antarctica. In that case you would have to satisfy your desires with penguins. But what about the heart? Do you even think what's inside? Or do you even care?

Most computers share the same heart and it's made in China. The companies give you the illusion that you have enormous choice when everything that makes your gadgets run is made by the same firms and factories. The only thing different are the looks and the prices. That's what you choose – red or black. All else has been chosen for you by the Big Brother.

The old heart, just different packaging.

The same is observed in many areas of life - there is no choice when it comes to things of true value that actually make a difference. Big corporations and governments, which are pretty much interchangeable terms, don't want to give us options to choose from when it matters. It's already chosen for us. For example, rich countries are constantly buying the gas networks of poor states and are slowly but super surely establishing energy monopolism. Choice? Not, even once. Big Brother never leaves anything to choice. The coin may seem like it has two different sides but it's the same bitch on both. Flip it anyway you want, it doesn't matter.

Monopolism is a dream come true for the master manipulators. If you have no rivals you always finish first and the best of all is that you get to decide how large your prize is. You are the only child and you get all the money mommy and daddy make. Nothing wrong with being a single child but all kinds of problems arise when you've killed your brothers and sisters to get to that position. I dare you not to understand this sentence! I double dare you motherfucker!!

Monopolism should be avoided at all costs unless we want to become global slaves to the corrupt world management.