Monday, February 3, 2014

The Magic Power Of The Nipple

Since a very early age humans are exposed to the power of the nipple whether they realize it or not. When we are kids the nipple feeds us and after we grow up we obey to the nipple. The female nipple is a very important symbol in modern society. In fact, its meaning is much deeper that some tend to think. I call people like that – the nipple underraters. Never underrate the nipple just because you don't get it. It's deeper than you and me.

Showing a nipple slip is the first step to becoming famous – there are a lot of female celebrities proving my point. But why? Why does someone get so much attention when her nipple slips? Is this the first time people see a nipple?

No, the reason why nipple slips are so successful at producing brain dead celebrities, whose self-worth is measured by the number of malls they have visited, is hidden in the fact that humans consider television the source of all that is worth having or being. Everyone who is on the TV must be really special. Therefor the nipple of that person must be quite special too. That's why it represents such a sight. “Oh, did you see the nipple of Jennifer Lopez?” Well, yeah I did see it – it looks like a regular nipple to me. Shut the fuck up Doug.

The main problem lies in the fact that television and mass media make people feel like worthless pieces of garbage without an exciting life. We've been brainwashed by mainstream movies so hard that we can't even think straight anymore without associating ourselves with a movie character. Who wants to be Batman? ME! ME! ME! ME! Therefor when the nipple of a celebrity presents itself in naked form it usually undergoes massive discussion and analysis. I actually feel bad for that nipple that sometimes I want to suck it to calm it down. After all, so much attention can be stressful to such a fragile micro organism.

We live in a world full of paradoxes and lack of logic. A nipple slip is a controversial topic but at the same time many people are frustrated to find Egypt on a map. The important stuff has lost the battle against superficial. Don't get me wrong superficial has its place but it sometimes has to make space for other things. Things like that prove that people have forgotten to think and rely strictly on following the program while also blindly believing that “the man” will show them the right path. It ain't gonna happen! Giving up on your right to think is like giving your life to somebody else. Unfortunately, there are plenty of buyers aspiring to take it away and you are all falling for the cheap selling tricks of “the man”.

Nipples could also be considered part of evolution. Think for a second – nipples slips are filters for dumb fucks who are kept busy for hours by things from that nature. Those dumb fucks naturally form the bottom of pie while the not so dumb fucks are on top.

Where do you want to be – bottom or top?