Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Death is the price we pay to be alive. It's a clause part of a lifetime contract we signed without even knowing. It's the greatest mystery in the world of law. God would make a good banker – he forces people to sign contracts before the suckers are even born. Oh! Wait! There's already such a thing – it's called inherited debt. Damn! I keep on underestimating those guys but they are smart and really know how to milk all the juice out.

I remember when Paul Walker died. I was on Facebook. Not sure about the weather but it was either good or bad. Never seen medium weather. It's one of the two – good or bad. My best friend was a huge Paul Walker fan. He has watched one movie, downloaded from PirateBay.com, and was devastated by the death of this young 40 year old man. I tried to make him feel better by explaining that Paul was not the only stranger who died in a car crash that day. “You don't understand. He was my hero. He had cars and women!” replied my friend.

Why do we care so much about people we don't know? Because they represent a symbol of what's accepted to be happiness and good life. People were not terrified by Paul Walker's death as a man, they were terrified by the fact that even Hollywood can't change the fact that reality is absolute.

When you are about to die all clouds go away and you are able to see the light clearly, they say – I haven't been there yet to confirm. {Looking forward to it thought!} Many certified wise men claim that only those who have met death know how to live. It sounds wonderful and I am certain many bikini models will post it as a status on Facebook but the guys with the long beards tend to forget that death is a classic killer movie you are forced to watch without even a preview trailer. Death comes when it comes. He/She/It/ does not ask questions and talking is needless. What are you going to say? Confess your sins and get away with a lighter sentence? It's a little late, don't you think?

In the past people used to fear hell. But we are getting more analytical and our fears change as well. The current trend is to be an atheist and believe that hell does not exist and when you die you just die. Sweet! The idea that this is the only life we have and therefor killing all other animals for our own profit is justified helps rich people sleep at night. Survival of the fittest, they say. Sounds cool but the story changes when its their grandmother in the hospital...unless she is rich and they want that bitch dead asap. That Ferrari ain't gonna buy itself!

But who are we kidding with all that talk. You can't hide from the sky. It has a total monopoly over the world. It's not fair! I want to have an option to choose from! Another sky would be nice! What if I just don't like blue, white and yellow! Yes, from time to time there is a rainbow but it's all an illusion. We can't even pass under it! What's up with that O mighty God?

The best way to die has always been an interesting topic. Without a doubt most people agree that sudden death like a heart attack is the better way to go. Who likes decaying anyway? I am now beginning to understand why people in McDonald's are working so hard to fill their arteries - every portion gets them one step closer to the long waited anesthesia.

I don't have a definitive answer how I want to die. I would like to take a little more time and read my contract in the hope that there will be some sort of a loop hole that will make everything right and peaceful. I don't seem to find anything.

What about you?

{originally written for brusi-music.com}