Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Cold Truth About Business: Somebody Has To Pay The Price & Do The Dirty Work

Question to a Mall bitch: 'What's the job of your husband?'

Answer by the Mall bitch: 'He is a man of business.'

Businessmen are busy men. We get that. But why are they so busy? What are they looking for? The answer is simple: they are searching for different ways to take your money and then go on TV to enjoy the glory, all while presenting another value deprived book that ultimately has one goal – to take even more money from you by giving a fake explanation to how the first theft has occurred.

All business, from Microsoft to the local print center, is based on a basic idea – buying more for less and then selling it for even more. If that single rule of thumb is disrespected there is no business and the result is slow bankruptcy. Searching for opportunities to do the above is what keeps businessmen busy at night, besides the hookers.

In ancient times trade was not as respected as you may think mainly due to the slavery and exploitation. It's not a surprise that people had no respect for individuals who buy something for a few pennies and later on sell it for ten times more, even though they've done nothing more than transport it. Today, people who do the same are still not respected but those who do it very well – big corporations – are considered “world leaders”, or so they want us to think.

While big corporations have the money and the resources they still cannot break natural laws which are principles in the universe affecting all human beings regardless of who they are. One of those natural laws is that in nature you cannot have something for nothing. It's impossible and somebody has to pay the price and do the work. That's where slavery and exploitation come into place.

The CEO of your favorite company has billions of dollars. That's great, you probably consider him your hero, you want to be like him – you want to be great and conquer the world. What if I tell you that it's all a pipe dream? For one person to have billions of dollars there must be billions of people who have nothing and work for nothing. Steve Jobs had billions when he was alive. Everybody was looking up to him and even the girls were having boners every time the master salesman was speaking. He was always talking about how great he was and how Apple has changed the world but what he did not want you to know is that every single dollar in his bank account was a dollar taken from a poor man living in a country you've never even heard of. The same is true for every single businessman you consider a “success” or a failure.

Most people buy stuff not because they need it but because they've been convinced that they need it in order to be complete. We are judged not by the things we do or create but by our possessions. That mentality is the pushing force building the pyramid. The first step of every businessman is to sell his product to the upper classes. That stage is particularly important because all lower social layers have been brainwashed that the rich have the key and are considered the epitome of success, happiness and meaningful life. The poor want to be rich and what better way to become rich than to buy things used by the bourgeoisie? If you look like them, you are like them. Just a few years ago a Chinese kid sold one of his kidneys for an iPad by Apple because the gadget was considered a symbol of aristocracy. The operation was obviously done by Satan's surgeons but it was this society that signed the order.

The way to reverse this process is to reduce the value we attribute to personal wealth and possessions and move out of the buyer mentality. Of course, this does not mean that we should all live under the Bodhi tree but more emphasis should be put on appreciating the things that we have and using them to their full potential instead of mindlessly spinning the wheel, hoping that a new cell phone that can X ray dicks and tits will somehow make life complete and meaningful.

So, the next time a Mall bitch tells you that her husband is a businessman and you wonder what this means, just translate it as it is: a slave owner.