Monday, February 3, 2014

The Cost Of A Diamond Part 1

Dear greedy rich bastards,

You like diamonds, don't you? You want to have those little precious fucker on your figners and around neck, don't you? You want to see them make "bling bling" for you. Yeah, I am talking to you, the person that wants diamonds. Let me tell you something – diamonds are for pussies and morons. No, don't go anywhere you really need to hear this more than ever. It's obvious that your parents have skipped that lesson while they were feeding your stupid little mouth with a silver spoon and changing your golden diapers.

Do you know where a diamond comes from? Oh, let me see! Most of you probably think that it comes right out of your dad's ass. Well, almost but not quite so. The countries with the highest production of diamonds are Australia, Botswana, Russia, Zaire and South Africa. Sounds like a nice boring geography lecture, right? Like the ones when you were dreaming about squeezing the ass of the geography teacher. Somebody is going to slap the taste out of your mouth and this time it's for real motherfuckers.

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In order for a brain dead rapper like Lil Wayne to insert diamonds in his teeth there are hundreds of people who have to work until they drop dead on the floor all covered in mud and beaten by their supervisors. Those people are the ones that found your stupid diamonds, those people are the ones that do the work and get nothing in return. Nothing, unless you count the amazing salary of USD 1 per day something. I guess your rich daddy never wanted you to find out about this. Sorry for breaking your world but somebody had to explain to you where food goes in the end.

The next time you go to the diamond shop and buy your little precious whore a pair of diamond earrings I want you to picture those people. I want you to see the workers around the neck of that spoiled bitch. I want you to know that she is feeling their huge cocks pressing against her legs covered in a Gucci dress. I want you to know that their spirits are somewhere around you. Yeah, you are right to be scared and yeah they are really haunting you. They are coming after your greedy ass and will shred it to pieces. You thought you were going away with it but last time I checked what comes around comes around. The wheel of fortune is spinning and sometimes it will be your turn to fertilize the soil. Yeah, you are correct the universe does not accept diamonds or any kind of money for that matter. That's because the universe couldn’t care less about stupid things like that and considers the life of a human as unimportant as the life of a fucking insect. By the looks of it the universe has a point.

I want you to know where your stupid shit is being made and I want you to hate yourself. You deserve it. You've worked really hard for it. No doubt about it.

Sincerely NOT yours,

Worst wishes and go fuck yourself!