Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fuck YouTube & Fitness Channels – One More Time

I can't think of a better way to begin other than expressing my emotions: “Fuck YouTube and the fitness channels.” I am sick and tired of low quality videos, recorded by a bunch of STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS, flooding the online space. Fuck you all and your stupid information. I can read unlike all of your brainwashed fans.

The amount of fitness channels is getting out of proportions because for some reason every mentally challenged steroid addict feels the need to present his ideas on training which are nothing more than the same old crap – just recycled, about 100 times. People don't need 200 different guys to tell them that biceps curls build biceps. But what can you expect when the majority of the videos are watched by the spoiled North American population which is still deep into the MATRIX and spends most of the time rubbing its balls with cell phones and gossip magazines? You can't expect anything other than this.

The worst thing about YouTube is that quantity has taken over quality. Just look at the videos – most of them are recoded with a pen or a micro-wave and are 10 minutes long when the actual useful information contained in that garbage can be said in 1 minute, if that. However, writing a script seems to be too difficult when you are lacking brain cells and the other 9 minutes are filled with “you know”, “hmmm”, “uhhhhhhh” and other interesting sounds and forms of inarticulate speech.

How hard it is to take 30 minutes and write a script and actually say your rubbish at least a little bit faster?

The HodgeTwins, TigerFitness, Matt Ogus, Jeff Seid and all the rest of the gay train do NOT give a fuck about their followers. All they care about is making money. They don't care whether you are informed or not nor do they care about your success. They care only about themselves and protecting their bank accounts. That's why they will always feed you with that POLITICALLY CORRECT information which is nothing more than the same old rubbish garbage material repeated a billion times. When I got into this I knew that the fitness crowd is not known for its intellectual properties but I never expected it will be this bad.

Wasting your time watching steroid addicts eat lunch?


Wake up!